Simple Yet Effective Makeup Steps for the Festival Season


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Festival season has started and everyone is in full swing to celebrate the season. From decorating houses to shopping to getting ready, there isn’t a thing that people aren’t doing in the festival season. Girls are shopping the most charming and elegant ensembles from their favorite stores and boutiques across the town. Besides choosing apparels, they get confused usually about what to apply on face to look gorgeous on the festival evening. Here is the perfect look to try on this festival season that will make you look at your best.

Begin with the cleansed face by following your regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing process. Post that you will be requiring the following materials:

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For the Eye


  • A concealer- creamy or liquid
  • A shimmery eyeliner
  • A couple of eye shadows (preferably – gold/khaki/brown. Go for MAC Romp )
  • A brownish matte eye shadow.
  • A kohl
  • A mascara
  • A highlighter
  • Pointed crease brush, contour brush, blending brush.

How to Proceed:


  1. Begin by applying the concealer under the eyes and also on the lids.
  2. Apply a green or any other shimmery eye pencil on the upper lid of the eye, and smudge it with the help of a pointed brush. I prefer green as it goes well with colors like gold and khaki.
  3. Next comes, the application of MAC eye shadow Romp (you can opt any other as well).
  4. Define the outer corners of your eyes along with the creases with the matte shadow.
  5. Now blend both the romp shadow and matte shadow well, so that no noticeable line is seen between the two.
  6. Now, define the lower lash line with black kohl. Please do not commit this blunder of applying the green pencil on the lower lash as well as it will look too gross. However, if you want to highlight your lower lash a little more, you can smudge the shimmery brown shadow (MAC Romp) over the lower lash line.
  7. Next comes the highlighting of your brow bone and inner corner with a highlighter.
  8. Finally, complete the look with water-proof mascara. You can opt for dramatic mascaras available in the market.

Next comes, the makeup for face. Here’s what you will need for the face:


  • A liquid foundation
  • Blush (neutral shade just to highlight the cheeks)
  • Mineral powder to set the makeup
  • Brushes to apply foundation, blush, and powder to set.

How to Proceed:


  1. Face makeup doesn’t require much of skills and is quite easy to apply. Begin with applying the liquid foundation. Use a foundation brush to blend it flawlessly into your skin. Use foundation according to the coverage that you need. Make sure that it is a festival and not wedding makeup, and which by anyways you should not apply it over the top.
  2. Now, set your foundation and the concealer that you applied with a mineralized powder.
  3. Finish it off with the application of blush. Use a crème blush as crème blush will provide your dry cheeks a hint of moisture with a dewy finish.

Tip: If you have blemishes or acne on your face, correct them first with a concealer followed by the application of foundation.

For the Lips


  • A lipstick – gloss or matte
  • A lip brush

Simply apply the lipstick over the lips with the help of lip brush; lip brush is suggested as it helps in the precise application. You can also use a lip liner to avoid bleeding of the lipstick.

So, this is the simple yet elegant makeup technique and steps for this festivals easo. I will be coming up with more variations in my forthcoming articles.

Enjoy till then!