7 Side Parted Sew in Hairstyles with Bangs

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Sew in is a trendy hairstyle among hair extension lovers. And sew in bangs with side part take the looks up a notch for women. A person’s hair is a part of their identity and what a person does not want to mold their identity according to whatever new fad, fashion that is all the rage today. Your hair is the one part of you that you can twist, turn and shape according to your heart’s desire.

It doesn’t even matter if your hair isn’t voluminous, thick or bouncy enough to create the style you want! We live in a world where fantasy and reality are separated with a very thin line.

You can simply sew in some hair extension to your hair and voila. You have more room to breathe with the styles you want than before. Now that you have hair extensions, you should know what kind you should use and also are best suited to you.


Best Side Part Sew in Hairstyles with Bangs

In 2019, side part sew-in bangs are all the rage and to help you save time, we have 7 absolutely fabulous hairstyles that you can try sew-in bangs with side-partition.

1. Straight Hair Bangs

side part sew in straight hair with bang

If you have straight hair, then bangs are a must! They provide your hair with the necessary flair and sophistication it needs. Throw in a side-part with sew-in extension bangs and you have a red carpet ready look to die for.


2. Long Choppy Layers

side part sew in layers with bang

Add in a few extra layers to your hair, make it a bit more bouncy and voluminous. Part your hair heavily to one side and watch the gently ‘swish’ of your hair against your face. A classic side part sew in with bangs hairstyle for women.


3. Curly Sew-In

curly side part sew in with bang

Every woman with straight hair wants a little bounce in their mane. The best way to get that is to curl your hair, add in some curly extensions and voila you can side part your sew in bangs and the end look is Oscar worthy.


4. Stacked Layered Bob

side part sew in bob with bang

If you’re in the mood for short hair then go for the angular bob style. Paired with a Balayage and a sew in side parted bangs, the look is absolutely to die for.


5. Short Bob with Weave

side part sew in with bang

Cut perfectly, a short, sweet, classy and stylish short blonde hair with bangs is what is needed for every independent woman. If looks could kill the side parted sew-in bangs in this look are murder.


6. Medium Layered Bob with Sew-In’s

medium side part sew in with bangs

The natural look is the best look. Sew-in’s do not take away the natural part of you if used correctly. They can actually enhance your look to heights it never reached before.


7. Blonde Hair for Blue Eyes

side part sew in with bang

A little drama never hurt anybody. Put a little weave into your hair, side partition it and add in a few sew-in bangs to make it voluminous and the drama will never end. It’s the perfect style for a great day out.


A woman’s hair or even a man’s is one of the most important aspects of their body. It’s even more important to their personality. So why shouldn’t we pay attention to it? Enhance it and better it with these side part sew in with bangs hairstyles.