Side Effects of Various Cosmetic Surgeries

Are you thinking of surgery of any of your body parts? It is better you first analyse the side effects associated with each type of cosmetic surgery before heading the clinic. We accept, cosmetic surgery can do miracles and provide you with the opportunity of-

    • Improving self confidence.
    • Correcting deformities and physical shortcomings.
    • Reversing the signs of aging.

Side Effects of Various Cosmetic Surgeries1

But still, risks associated with the surgery should never be neglected and should be main deciding factor in your decision regarding the surgery. To help you, we bring to you different surgeries and risks attached to them-

1. Breast Augmentation Risks-

      • Intervention with mammogram screenings.
      • Loss of sensation in nipple area or breasts.
      • Rupture of breast implant.
      • Irregularities or rippling in breast contour.
      • Blood vessel inflammation.
      • Difficulty in breast feeding.
      • Leakage in breast implant.
      •  Disappointing results of the surgery.

2. Liposuction Risks

      • Organ damage.
      • Skin burns or damage.
      • Nerve Damage.
      • Long heeling time.
      • Infection.
      • Allergic reaction to medicine or anesthesia.
      • Fat clots and blood clots.
      • Severe loss of fluid.

3. Rhinoplasty (Nose)Risks

      • Septal perforation.
      • Frequent nose bleeding problem.
      • Difficulty in breathing through the nose.
      • Numbness in the area surrounding the nose.
      • Possible uneven nose contours.

4. Smartlipo Risks

      • Minor swelling, tenderness or bruising for few days.
      • Hematoma (blood clotting under the skin).
      • Infection.
      • Uneven shape or lumpy lips.

5. Tummy Tuck Risks

      • Wrinkled abdominal skin.
      • Necrosis (death of skin tissue or fatty tissue).
      • Constant pain in the abdomen area.
      • Slow down of normal body heeling.
      • Disappointing results.

6. Facelift Risks

      • Changes in skin pigmentation.
      • Asymmetry.
      • Scarring

7. Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty Risks

      • Suture cysts.
      • Wound separation.
      • Excessive or insufficient muscle removal.
      • Excessive or insufficient skin removal.
      • Damaged vision.
      • External scarring.

The possibility for mild to grave complications always exists as most of the cosmetic procedures involve surgery. Blood clots, anesthesia, infection, suture complications, nausea and vomiting are some of the common risks that come along with every cosmetic surgery. Best ways to mitigate or eliminate these cosmetic surgery risks are-

    • Consult with a board certified cosmetic surgeon.
    • Prior to consultation and treatment, research the surgery procedure.
    • Strictly follow all before and after surgery instructions as given by the surgeon.