How to Style Side Braided Bun – 7 Classic Ideas

Side braid bun hairstyles are the most elegant and sophisticated styling ideas that women love. The smooth braid at the side and then the classy bun at the end is so impressive and lovely that there is hardly any woman who wouldn’t want that.


Lovely Bun Hairstyles with Side Braid

The best thing about these side buns is that they suit all types of hair and all hair colors as well. You can even add flowers or beads in the side braid to get a youthful and refreshing hairstyle. Here is how you can style a side braid bun in 7 different ways.

1. Easy Low Bun

side braid low bun for women

The jet-black low bun with a side braid is the perfect hairstyle for weddings and summer parties. The hair is gently braided and the messy bun at the back has such an effortless class to it. Everyone from the First Lady of a country to an average teenager can get this lovely hairstyle to stun others with her charm.


2. Fishtail Braided Bun

side fishtail braided bun

Fish braids and low buns make the best hairstyling combination, don’t they? This hairstyle is perfect for all the fashionistas who love flaunting their hairstyling expertise. The smooth fishtail braid runs smoothly along the side of your head and is then rolled into a braided bun.


3. Sleek Braided Pigtail Bun

black women with side braided bun

If you are up for a sleek ladylike look then this slicked side braid bun is just your thing. All the hair is gelled and then properly pulled to a side. Then it is knotted in a tight braid which is finally rolled in layers to make a bun.


4. Braided Bun with Highlights

side braided bun with highlights

Blonde or brown highlights bring a sudden pop to black hair and the resulting contrast is just too chic to go unimpressed. The thick braid buns to the back of the head and then the hair is left unbraided. This unbraided mass is fastened into a circular bun which can help you be the perfect bridesmaid in a wedding.


5. Accessorized Side Bun

side braid bun with accessories

A side braid bun is fun to have and has an unbeatable class on its own. However, when you add a few accessories to it, it becomes the most beautiful hairstyle that you can ever have. These feathery clips in the braid at the side make it look so classy that you just have to give it a shot.


6. Messy Braided Bun

messy side braid bun

A messy bun with side braid goes a long way in making you look like the beautiful diva that you are. The braid is quite loose and has gentle twists which add more texture to your hair. The messy bun at the side is even more beautified by the floral crown at the top.

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7. Intricate Bun

side braid bun hairtstyles

The braids in this side bun are so stylish and well-arranged that you cannot help staring at it. The thick bun needs extensions to get the right texture, but the result is going to be so good that you will be glad that you invested in the extensions.


Side braid buns are meant to be worn with class and confident, so bring out your elegantly bold self with these lovely hairstyles.