7 Classic Short Shaggy Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair

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Short shaggy hairstyles for fine hair have become a huge fashion trend recently since they require minimum maintenance and are classy as well. The short shags are so cool and fun to rock around since they have sharp edges and messy hair. They help you lift up your persona while keeping the look natural.


Best Shag Hairstyles for Short Fine Hair

Fine hair does not have a lot of texture or volume even if it is thick. To make it appear thicker, short shag is very helpful. Here are 7 funkiest shaggy hairstyles for fine short hair which you can go for this season.

1. Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

short grey shag for fine hair

This grey short shaggy hairstyle is the perfect fine hairstyle for a sass queen. The way that the edges are sharp and asymmetrical in length tells a lot about how creative and imaginative you are. The chic bangs at the front complement this sassy and cool look so well that it seems that they were made just for shags like this one.


2. Pigeon Shag

short shaggy hairstyles for fine hair

This cute and trendy short layered bob is all that you need this time to make the right shaggy fine hairstyle decision for yourself. The tuft of grey hair on the black base appears like the hair transitions of a pigeon, giving it a mysterious charm. The rest of the hair is also all sharp angles which make the grey pop out even more.


3. Shaggy Fine Bob for Older Women

older women short shag for fine hair

Who said that wild messy hair is the only way to style your fine hair? You can have a sleek and straight shag too which keeps your look natural and friendly. This black shag has all the asymmetric angles and character of a short shaggy hairstyle for fine hair while keeping things a little low profile and sophisticated.


4. Short Shag with Highlights

short shag with highlights for fine hair

This lovely and vibrant shag is the perfect mixture of classy and bold. The brown highlights on black hair make all the angles on the shaggy short fine hair appear more stylish. So, why not unleash your inner diva with an imaginative and sexy hairstyle like this one?


5. Versatile Messy Shag

messy short shag for fine hair

Why settle for a single toned shag when you can go all in and have a multi-colored masterpiece? This work of beauty has a mixture of hair colors at the top making the fine and short shaggy hairstyle more textured and eye-catching. The base is kept black to retain a sense of class and elegance about it too which makes you look curiously enticing.


6. Fierce Red Hair with Bangs

red short shaggy hairstyle for fine hair

Bold and feisty women need something as fierce as this red short shaggy hairstyle for fine hair to match their energy, don’t they? The transitions from one shade of red to the other one are so subtle yet so lovely that you just have to try this one!


7. Razor Sharp Shag

short razor shag for fine haired women

This swift and sharp shag for short fine hair is all angular and sleek for unrelenting and bold women. The way the blonde stands out from the black base hair is how you are going to stand out from other women wherever you go.


These short shaggy hairstyles for fine haired women are all that you need to look and feel gorgeous this season, aren’t they? So, go ahead and level up your style game with these.