10 Spectacular Purple Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair

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Short purple hair is one of the hottest hairstyle trends around the globe at present. From the funky teenage girls to bold and beautiful women, everyone loves to rock short length purple hair. The certain vibrancy and energy associated with short hair dyed purple are so amazing that anyone can hardly resist it.


Latest Purple Hair Ideas for Short Hair

If you love purple short hair as much as we do and want to give it a go then here are 10 best ideas for you to begin with.

1. Chic Purple Ombre Bob

Short Purple Ombre Bob

If you are young and alive then why not make your hair look and feel alive too? This natural bob is made amazing by the addition of purple ombre on short hair at the lower part which is so cool that every young girl would want it.


2. Short Purple Waves

short curly purple hair

Short purple hair looks amazing in sleek bobs, but this fine undulating wavy pixie cut takes purple hair to a whole new level! The dyed purple circular waves stand out from the rest of your hair making it even more stylish and fun.


3. Pastel Purple A-Line Lob

Pastel Purple A-Line Lob

Why stick to only dark vibrant purple when you can rock a perfect soft shade? This A-line lob is the perfect girly hairstyle that you need this season to bring out the real girl spirit in you. The lighter the shade the younger and prettier you look, so why not just give it a shot?


4. Ombre Pixie

short spiky purple hair

The mature adult women need something classy and formal, don’t they? Well, you can kill the perfect decent and strong woman look while adding the purple magic to your hair. All you need is a spiky pixie cut with short purple hair to make it to the list of the coolest women who do not let anything get in their way!


5. Half Pomp with Undercut

short purple hair with undercut

Undercuts go so well with short hair dyed purple that you have to give them a shot! This lovely and chic half pomp is all that you need this season to update your hairstyle and make the most out of it. Give it a cool undercut and see how all the vigor in your hairstyle keeps your spirits high all the time.


6. Short Purple Afro

short purple afro hair

Afro hair is not meant to be strictly black, is it? The lovely little Afro short locks are entirely dyed purple and give off the coolest and prettiest look. You cannot resist running your fingers through your hair when this amazing hairstyle is adorning your head. Just don’t forget that the shorter the Afro the better it will look.

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7. Purple Balayage Bob

Short Purple Balayage Bob

Balayage never goes out of style, does it? This chic bob with purple balayage is one of the most spectacular hairstyles that can uplift your Instagram timeline quite impressively. The sleek lines of purple fall so gracefully that even middle-aged women can go for this lovely hairstyle.


8. Fun Pixie

The whole idea of purple short hair becomes even more interesting and fun with a lovely textured pixie cut. This is something that any woman can try and look great with irrespective of the age or personality type.


9. Two-Tone Electric Purple Bob

Short Two-Tone Purple Bob

This purple bob comes with an electric energy of its own which gets even better with the angles that the hair is cut at. The back side is black which makes the purple short hair pop even more.

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10. Bob with Purple Highlights

short bob with purple highlights

This lovely purple highlights on short hair goes a long way in achieving most of your hair goals. The hair is curled in gentle curls while the bob is twin colored making every single detail stand out more.


All of these are amazing short purple hairstyles which you can choose for your next style update. So, what are you waiting for?