15 Gorgeous Short Permed Hairstyles for Women

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Looks like there’s a vicious cycle going on. The permed hair women wish for straight sleek hair, and the straight hair women are ready to die for short permed hairstyles. Let’s be honest, wavy perms will always look cute, hot and valued.

Regardless of whether you are hoping to experiment with your hairstyle because of boredom or the trendy looks inspire you to remain modish, a perm is dependably a decent choice. Not to forget, it gives you a huge variety in all sorts of locks, twists, and curls that you’d need.

Permed short hairstyles are all around dazzling and simple to keep up. But wait, who is an ideal candidate for perm styling? Well, if your hair is hauling you down or you need some additional bulk in your hair, perms are yours then.

The only area of concern is that your health should be healthy to hold the curls. Here’s a mini test; dip a small portion of strands in a cup of water. Do you see your hair float? If yes, then permed hair is yes too!


Trendy Permed Short Hairstyles for Women

Take a gander at these extremely fabulous and captivating short permed hairstyles!

1. Very Short Curls with Bangs

very short perm on ginger hair

It’s difficult for women who wear glasses to choose between which permed hairstyle would suit them best, here’s an ideal short permed hairdo for women of all ages. It’s the cutest one of all!


2. Permed Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

short permed bob with balayage

For a blasé yet attractive look, try this carefree permed short hairstyle, suitable for youngsters and oldies both who have thick hair.


3. Neatly Permed Long Pixie Cut

permed pixie hair

This is a lovely perm on short hair with a natural blow and a subtle red highlight. If you’re looking for an office look but still want to kill it, you better get on with this one.


4. Perm on Honey Blonde Hair

perm on honey blonde hair

The beautiful honey blonde color looks ravishing in not-too-tight short perm. You can play with the length of the curls. The softer it’d be, the better it’d appear. It’s an offhand hairstyle for a medium-length layered bob cut on fine hair.


5. Caramel Balayage on Black Hair

short permed bob with bangs

Sometimes, when the ladies around you are too good at styling their hair, you want to try something different too to make your thin hair look creative. Master the short perm hairdos with this adorable look!


6. Jet Black Hair with Layers

Add another layer of oomph to your jet-black hair with tight perms on those pretty layers. It’d suit you in your 20s and even 30s.


7. Pintura Highlights

Let’s take the things to the next level with an asymmetrical bob and fuzzy perms on short hair. Get ready to draw all the attention to your amazing hairstyle.


8. Subtle Perms on Medium Ginger Hair

Who said you always have to keep the perms rolled towards the scalp? Keep your ginger locks fresh and chic with loose perms.


9. Undercut Bob for Women Over 40

It doesn’t matter if you’re aging, all that matter is if you’re ready to adopt the stylish hairstyles rather than the mundane ones. Women over 40 years of age generally fancy a vintage but elegant look. This refined short permed hairstyle is paramount of all your wishes.


10. Permed Loose Bun

short permed hairstyles

To all the nerdy ladies out there, you’d be delighted to opt this superlative permed short hairstyle. Simply get your hair normally permed and tie a loose bun.


11. Tousled Bob

You don’t have to worry about the frizz anymore, because this short hairstyle with perms has got you covered. Keep it somewhere between tight and lose, and you’ll get the perfect gentle perm on your fine hair.


12. Thin Bob for Women Over 50

Carefully locked hair looks stunning when arranged in a side part. When you’re too busy to do anything more with your short permed hair, just grab yourself with this natural hairdo.


13. Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

Unruly and voluminous locks of hair turn unmanageable for ladies over 60s. Go for a wild short wavy pixie haircut. Let your permed short hair have their moment.


14. Permed Mohawk with Shaved Sides

short golden permed fauxhawk

Is your inner rebellious bohemian soul awakening anytime soon? Wear this phenomenal short permed hairstyle to go full rowdy, my ladies!


15. Mohawk with Shaved Sides

short permed hairstyles for women over 40

Let your charm live long with this charming short hairdo with perms. Whether your hair is fine or thick, this style will add an exceptional amount of dynamism to your personality.



Just like after every other hair treatment, you have to take proper care of perms as well. Unlike the classic times, contemporary style perms are fresh, gentle and they look natural, but still, you must maintain them that way. That’s the only way to make it last at least for 6 months.

  1. You must wait for at least 2 days before you wash your hair after getting them permed. They need adequate time to sink in their true form.
  2. Keep the towels at bay and dry your hair with a cotton shirt/stole which isn’t in your use anymore. However, air-drying would be the best option.
  3. Blow dryer/hair dryer is a big NO. The heat will ruin the perms.
  4. Avoid combing/brushing the hair coarsely. Run your fingers through them if necessary.
  5. Use special shampoos (curl-enhancers) and leave-in conditioners. Check for the ones with minerals and proteins.
  6. Once a week, use a deep-conditioning hair product. This will nourish the curls from root to stem.
  7. Always rinse your hair with cool water. (avoid warm water at all costs)
  8. Refrain from dying/highlighting your hair until 2 weeks have passed. Perhaps, opt for color shampoo or a hair tint product if you really want some shades there.


FAQs on Short Permed Hairstyles

Q1. Loose perms or spiral curls which one are better for short hair?

Ans. The first condition to rule out is whether your hair is healthy or not. Generally, thick curly hair is healthier than thin hair. However, no matter the length, loose perms are suitable for thick hair, whilst spiral curls look the best on fine hair with thin volume.


Q2. How long does perm last on short hair?

Ans.  The perm naturally extends out as your hair grow. If you maintain them really well, they’ll stay intact for a good 6 months. Usually, spiral curls could last more than 6 months, provided it is taken care of.


What’s more, since, as opposed to a well-known misguided judgment, there are multiple styles of perms for short hair, and not one. A short haircut can be freeing and permeate you with a recently ignited confidence and another, cheeky demeanor. Current short permed hairstyles have simpler, regular looking twists and free waves that look pretty, but at the same time are a breeze to keep up.