11 of The Best Short Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

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All women with curly short hair with bangs are just about to add 11 more gorgeous must-try hairstyles to their list. Gals who have been rocking short hair for a while can tell you that it is the best cut because it’s so low-maintenance.

Forget about spending hours on your curls, trying to make them perfect and bouncy. What’s best about short length is that it instantly boosts volume, plus you can have a dry mane in only minutes. When you add fringe, you officially score a very fashionable hairstyle.


Cool Ideas for Short Curls with Bangs

Following are the trendiest short curly hairdos with bangs for women.

1. Curly Pixie with Side Bangs

Short Curly Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

A short textured pixie crop will save you so much time.

Ideal for: If you are thinking of getting a short haircut, this is a very trendy choice at the moment.

How to Style: Take care of the short curls with special products including shampoo and conditioner.


2. Pastel Pink Bob with Bangs

short pastel pink curly hair with bangs

The beautiful pink short curly hair with bangs is a very fresh way to enter summer.

Ideal for: Pastel hues are very popular, so if you like bright colors you can dye your short crop.

How to Style: Get hair mousse to add extra volume to the look.


3. Curly Blonde Hair

short curly blonde hair with bangs

Keep it short and simple! You can thank us later.

Ideal for: A very low-maintenance hairdo, best for gals who need too much time styling their curls.

How to Style: You will be ready in only minutes with this length.


4. Natural Finger Curls with Thick Bangs

short blonde curly bob with thick bangs

By getting a short curly bob hairdo with bangs your life will completely change.

Ideal for: Girls with finger curls will find it much easier to style their hair if it’s shorter.

How to Style: Use all of the regular products that make your curls pop.


5. Curly Lob with Curtain Bangs

Curly Lob with Curtain Bangs

Another interesting idea is to get a curtain fringe because it’s much easier to grow it out.

Ideal for: This curly short hair with bangs is meant for women who don’t like to take risks.

How to Style: Drape fringe is even better when combined with a long bob.


6. Brown Curly Hair with Bangs

short loose curly hair with bangs

Add a hint of color to the fringe and you’ll love how it looks.

Ideal for: There are women who instantly know they want to go blonde and the ones who prefer to test it out first.

How to Style: Go for short curls and a straight bangs.


7. Colorful Short Bob Weave

girl with short curly hair with bangs

This is the coolest curly hair and bangs hairstyle on the list. The mix of colors is so stunning, it will be so hard for you not to try it.

Ideal for: Perfect for young women who are obsessed with hair dyes.

How to Style: Visit your hairstylist and you can decide together which shades you want to get your hair colored.


8. Braided Natural Afro Hair

short afro hair with bangs

Braids are always a very impactful detail to any hairdo. Start with one on the side and everyone will love how your bob looks.

Ideal for: The best choice for girls with naturally short curly hair with bangs.

How to Style: Grab a section of hair and do a French braid. Pin it to the curls on the side.


9. Curly Bob Weave

You will have so much weight lifted off your shoulders if you try short curly bangs style. Ladies with finger curls find it so hard to style them, so shorter is better.

Ideal for: It’s a big change, but works wonders for all ages.

How to Style: Use your regular products to keep the curls fresh and bouncy. Opt for any type of bangs that you like.


10. Black Ponytail Updo

short curly updo with bangs

You can always put your short curly hair in an updo with bangs.

Ideal for: If you ever get tired of wearing the locks down, why not try an updo. It is a perfect idea for events.

How to Style: All you need is a hair tie. The bun or topknot that you’ll do doesn’t even have to be perfect.


11. Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

curly short bob with baby bangs

If you’ve never tried baby bangs before this is your chance.

Ideal for: Great for women who are not afraid to experiment with unique and short curly bangs.

How to Style: You can leave the natural curls on your hair, but straighten the baby fringe. It’s a very easy hairstyle to maintain, you only might need more time to grow out the bangs.


Short curly hair with bangs doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be boring. Even if you don’t have enough length to work with you can still get the best out of any hairstyle. In this list, you will definitely find at least 5 ideas that you love. Feel free to experiment with your hairstyle, because it’s a way of expressing your creativity.