8 Coolest Short Bob Hairstyles with Weave

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Ladies are currently obsessed with short weave bobs. The trendy, short haircut is not just huge among celebrities, but also women of all ages are rocking it in many forms. Getting a weave extension is now easier than ever.

This type of hair extensions is most popular with African-American females, but actually, anyone can get it. When done right, no one will be able to tell that you’ve had something done. In other words, this is the perfect chance for you to experiment with the fashionable bob length and do it in a variety of colors.


Amazing Short Bob Weave Hairstyles

These 8 short bobs with weave hairstyles below can be your inspiration for the upcoming season.

1. Sleek Bob with A Side Part

sleek short weave bob

A dramatic side part is an interesting change for the short bob weave hairstyle.

Ideal for: Ladies who prefer simple, sleek hairstyles with a twist should try this one.

How to Style: You can choose either a classic blunt crop or an A-line bob. We love the bob cut hairstyles listed on Styledope.


2. Wavy Bob with Highlights

short wavy bob weave highlights

Beach waves are not going anywhere. These brown highlights on black hair look amazing.

Ideal for: If you do want to go lighter, but don’t want to dye your whole hair, get highlights.

How to Style: Get a straightening iron to achieve the waves.


3. Statement A-Line Bob

Pink A-line Weave bob

An A-line bob will really help you stand out in the crowd.

Ideal for: It’s flattering for all face shapes.

How to Style: Ask for the front of the short weave bob to be longer and the back shorter.


4. Red Blunt Short Bob Weave

short and red blunt weave bob

Red is flattering for all skin tones.

Ideal for: Great for women of all ages.

How to Style: A deep side part will look fabulous with the red hair color.


5. Curly Bob

short curly bob weave

A short curly bob weave is such a cool idea!

Ideal for: Great for ladies who already have curly natural texture and the ones who really dream of bouncy locks.

How to Style: Just as for a curly short weave.


6. Neon Green Bob

green short weave bob

Ever since Kim Kardashian stepped out rocking a neon green hair, the whole world is going crazy over this hue.

Ideal for: Perfect for creative ladies that always follow the latest trends.

How to Style: Wavy, messy styles will be the ideal fit for this vibrant colored short hair. Feel free to experiment with the length.


7. Short Inverted Bob Weave

 Green Inverted short Bob Weave

This stunning short bob weave with dark green color is such a refreshment for spring and summer.

Ideal for: Best for when you want a fun hue but you prefer to stay on the dark part of the spectrum.

How to Style: Opt for an A-line cut, it will really make the color pop!


8. Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

short weave bob with bangs

Did you know that with weave extensions you can get bangs as well?

Ideal for: This is the best short weave bob haircut for ladies with square face shapes. Long and choppy bangs will help make the face a bit longer and give it a new dimension.

How to Style: Get a long fringe and a very short stacked bob. You can actually go for any hair color that you like.


Short bobs with weave are a very common and easy way to achieve the perfect short haircut. The weave extensions make it so easy for you to get whichever color and length you like and keep it as long as you want. So many women are loving this method, so why not give it a try?