Shield your Dog, Wisely

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Your pet is your family. And there’s no chance you can see a family member ailing. We get to you a list of ailments/infections that your dog must be vaccinated against. Some of these must be provided to all of them while some only to the needy, depending on the geographical location or lifestyle of your pet. A healthy pet is crucial to the health and well being of the master, his/her family members or the general public health.

We split the necessary and the “only-when-required” vaccinations and get to you the secrets to a healthy, happy, harmless dog. Let’s get them listed-

Important/Core Vaccines-

  • Rabies– Rabies is a deadly viral ailment that hits the nervous system of the dog and can be transmitted to humans which is awfully dangerous. It is a commonly found disease and young dogs (pups) are vaccinated against the sickness regularly. It spreads through the bite or saliva of an infected dog and causes behavioural changes, foaming in and at the corners of the mouth, sensitivity to brightness, appetite loss and loathing of water.
  • Para Influenza– This affects the respiratory system and can be responsible for developing kennel cough in your dog. It usually spreads through a virus which is airborne and is one of the most commonly found illnesses in dogs. The frequent traits that have to be watched out for are a constant dry cough and nose discharge which automatically vanish within or after 2 weeks. The illness is not transferrable to humans but can become a major threat to your dog’s health upon delayed treatment, often ending in pneumonia.
  • Distemper– It completely eats up the gastrointestinal and respiratory system of the dog, often leading to the degrading of the nervous system which is terminal. The disease is viral and can be prevented through proper inoculation.
  • Parvovirus– It causes extreme throwing up and diarrhoea which can leave your darling dog feeling lifeless and weak. It is attributed to a notorious virus that is highly infectious. The common symptoms are bloody excreta, fever, complete or partial loss of hunger and inactivity. A grown up dog can pass away after just 2 to 4 days of falling sick. However, small puppies usually fall prey to it.
  • Hepatitis/Adenovirus– There are 2 types of adenovirus diseases, these are type 1 and type 2. The type 1 illness causes communicable canine hepatitis which damages the liver and other organs leading to severe health problems. The type 2 brings in respiratory problems and can cause growth of kennel cough.


Non-Core Vaccines-

  • Leptospirosis– This bacterial malady which is caused by spirochete, ruins the liver and kidneys and has a damaging effect on various systems. It is passed from urine onto the dog’s skin and it transferrable to humans (through urine soiled water). It can continue to make your pet suffer as a long chronic ailment but does not cause death. However, it affects dogs in specific geographical areas only.  Seek the help of your vet in deciding if your dog needs to be immunized against it.
  • Bordetella– The bacterial bug that causes this sickness contributes or causes kennel cough in your dog.
  • Lyme Disease– The Lyme disease is spread by ticks and results in kidney problems and arthritis in dogs. Ticks are caused due to unkempt and unclean surroundings, and can be removed by keeping your area clean, dirt free and hygienic. They usually make home on the neck, head, ears and between the toes of your dog. It is advisable to wear hand gloves or use tweezers while plucking out ticks from your pet’s body, mainly to evade contact with blood. Fleas and ticks pass on worms and cause allergies, skin problems and irritation.
  • Coronavirus– This is a viral disorder which essentially causes diarrhoea. It is highly communicable (though non transmittable to humans) and spreads through saliva, excreta and urine. As it is mild in degree, it can be made away with bleach. However, the virus is capable of surviving for weeks and months together. The commonly witnessed symptoms include discharge from nose and eyes, pain in the abdomen, nausea and puking, depression, loss of hunger, etc.
  • Heart Worm– Mosquitoes are the carriers of this disease which transmit heart worms floating in the blood of the heart chambers. Indicators include low appetite, poor breathing, lethargy, indolence and coughing. It can bring about heart or lung failure in your canine.

Your dog’s health is of extreme importance. A pup needs to be vaccinated from a very young age of one and a half year which can be done through a six in one jab which can shield it from parvo, distemper, para influenza, canine, etc. Regular veterinary inspection and intervention is a must. Help your little ball of fur to frill with innocence and happiness. And let them stay hale and hearty.