Sex Positions for Every Room of the House

Let’s check out some hot and steamy moves, which can blow your mind. Sex in the bedroom can be boring sometimes. It is the time to add some spice and shake it with passion of love. Here are few hot tips, which will give you a chance to love your partner in many distinctive ways. Gear up to read on the different ways to love your partner by setting aside the lacklustre bedroom sex.

1.   The Bathroom Sex


How about a hot shower? Face each other and get dirty on the shower. Love making in water will be a new experience for both of you and you will be able to understand the desires of your partner well. You can also take help of the bath tub for getting feeling of more closeness.

2.   Kitchen  Sex


Make your partner sit on the counter and you need to stand just in front of her. Ask her to take you between her legs. It will provide you deeper penetration with satisfaction of trying different things. It will make your partner feel momentous. Enjoy the moment by adding more passion; you can also take help of fun kitchen props, like chocolate, fruits, ice or other likable.

3.   Dining Room


Forget the bed and start on the table! It is a good option for oral sex too. If your table can’t hold you both, then it’s time for more cosiness. Try out the missionary position; just imagine how powerful it can be!

4.   Living Room


Make yourself comfortable on the couch and set the living room on fire. You can try many desirable positions here, like missionary or doggy style for deeper penetration. You can bend yourself down, and the guy can enter from behind; this can be another variation of missionary.

5.   The Entryway


Because of the fear of anyone coming at any point of time, this can give you the feel of an emergency sex. You can try the standing positions, where a guy can hold your waist while you can lean against the door, and start the intercourse. This will make you feel divine, and the pressure will blow your mind.



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