How To Select Crop Tops For Every Body Shape?

Crop tops are summer wardrobe staples for women due to their cool looks and high style factor. The trend of these tops is wild these days and is anticipated to stay this way for a long time. Contrary to popular beliefs and surprisingly, they can be flaunted by women of any body shape without any inhibition. Many international celebs have revived this trend with full gusto by embracing it in their style to prove this fact. Due to their suitability for any body type, crop tops are hugely in demand and Indian designers have also incorporated this style beautifully in their latest collections. Here are the ways to ingrain it into your wardrobe for a stunning style:

Crop Tops

Crop Tops for Tall Women

If you have good height and a lean physique, you can prefer printed crop tops in vivid and bold motifs. Pair them with long lehenga style skirts in solid colors to accentuate your style factor. Floral prints are the flavor of this season and you can play with them.

Crop Tops for Apple Shaped Women

Call it apple shape or inverted triangle; women with this body type have a heavier upper body with a slim well-defined waist. Halter tops are the best option for them. The diagonal lines of halter neck pattern create an illusion of thinning at your neck area. These tops look best when paired with voluminous skirts or dhoti pants for an urbane chic style.

Crop Tops for Plus-Size Women

Women with plus-sized body have a misconception that they can’t really carry crop tops with perfect elegance and style. But as said, it is a misconception that shouldn’t exist. A short top paired with a high-waist skirt or pant can add a sizzling style to your wardrobe. You can also spruce up your looks with a stylish jacket worn over the top.

Crop Tops for Curvaceous Women

There is another myth that curvy women can’t pull off the style of these tops. Kim Kardashian has proved it time and again that women with her type of body can carry this style most stunningly. All they need is a well-fitted crop top with a perfect waist length.

Crop Tops for Athletic Body Shape

Women having an athletic body can wear crop tops with a flamboyant style. A well-fitted top with halter neck paired with a pant or long skirt complements their shape beautifully without overdoing it.

Crop Tops for Petite Women

Even petite women needn’t shy away from crop top style in their summery wardrobe. They can opt for a top running till their actual waistline and team it up with a long skirt leaving just a sliver of skin to be shown off. This creates an illusion of length and makes you look stylish.

Crop Tops for Women with Big Bust

If you have a comparatively larger bust area, then you should go for crop tops with a solid color. A high neckline and stretchy material will make your bosom look smaller. You can mingle them with a mid-waist denim to rock the style.

Crop Tops for Pear Shaped Women

A pear shaped body type has a narrower top with a wider hip area. Choose a fitted top and pair it with a high-waist jeans to complete the look. While the body hugging top will highlight the bosom area, high-waist denims will give a slimmer look to your lower half.

Crop Tops for Rectangular Shaped Women

With a rectangular shaped body, you don’t have a well-defined waistline. For adding curves to your body, pick a bit longer and looser crop top. Wear skinny fit jeans to augment the look. Your svelte arms and legs will add stars to your style.

Crop Tops for Women with Broad Shoulders

If you are not so sure about carrying the crop tops while having wide shoulders. A V-neck or scoop neck will make people look vertically instead of straight across. Team it up with a fuller skirt and you are ready to flaunt the look.

Crop Tops for Women with a Small Bust

A slight hint of cleavage would do the work for you. Also, try to choose the patterns that draw attention to your bust area. It might be ruffles or a pocket in the crop top that simply enhances your bosom. Keep the lower half as plain as possible to shift the attention on the upper part.

These are the styles that women of all body types can choose in trendy crop tops. There are numerous varieties to explore in this category. You can choose a style that suits your shape. At the same time, it should make you feel confident in your skin because being fashionable is all about your confidence to take any look in your stride with elegance.