Scorpio: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(October 23 – November 21)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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Jealousy and over-possessiveness may harm your relationship. Couples may experience stressful married life, this year. Try to strike a balance and have patience in order to save your marriage. It’s a good year for singles.


Scorpions might face issues with their colleagues. You will get several job offers, but it’s auspicious to think about job change after May. The first half of the year is good for expanding the business. You might also travel overseas for the business purpose.

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Avoid mental stress; otherwise it may lead to weight loss, stomach upsets and skin problems. Follow a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. Keep away from chewing tobacco, drinking and smoking. Long travels may also affect your health.

Domestic and Home Life

Don’t take out your workplace frustration on your family members. Control your temper and be compassionate with your closed ones. Stars predict some sort of spiritual activity to be organized at your home.

Lucky Number– 15
Lucky Months– March and May
Lucky Colour– Sea Green

Month wise Horoscope 2013


You will learn new skills at the workplace, which would help you a lot in advancing your career. Stars predict an outing with your family members. Mental peace will prevail this month. Meditation will help you to stay fit and healthy.
Lucky Colour– Orange
Lucky Number– 2


It’s a good time to resolve old issues. You need to devote additional time to the project in hand. Money will flow in through several avenues.keep your fingers crossed as someone is going to propose you! No issues regarding health are predicted.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 22


Luck is likely to shower on students as they will make good progress despite not working very hard. From the financial point of view, it’s a very good month. You might spend quality time with your family members and remain socially active. Follow your health regime regularly.
Lucky Colour– Lemon
Lucky Number– 7


You are likely to fall in love at first sight. Don’t keep yourself self-centred. Overwork may affect your health negatively, so take a small break from your work and relax. In order to maintain harmony and peace in your domestic life, go along with your spouse’s wishes.
Lucky Colour– Rosy Brown
Lucky Number– 3


On the professional front, set your priorities and complete the essential tasks first; otherwise it may put you in a spot at workplace. Students need to put efforts, to get success on the academic front. Be selfless while lending a helping hand to others. There is a good health in your chart.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 17


Your superiors would help you to boost your career. You will enjoy a vacation with your near and dear ones. Wedding bells are ringing for the eligible singles. Academic excellence is indicated for the students. You will discharge a social responsibility satisfactorily. Minor health issues are predicted.
Lucky Colour– Sea Green
Lucky Number– 15


You are likely to enjoy a peaceful domestic life. Stars predict career changes for Scorpions. You would have to make tough choices between ‘gold’ and ‘glory’. Money may come to you from unexpected sources. Your love life seems to be promising. Health will remain satisfactory.
Lucky Colour– Dark Slate Grey
Lucky Number– 22


Hold your temper and don’t over-react to things. You would make good financial progress, this month. A good job offer is likely to come your way. You will remain busy in organising a function at your home. Pay more attention to your shoulders, arms and lungs. Avoid eating junk food.
Lucky Colour– White
Lucky Number– 1


You will get financial favour from your elders and boss. You would get success in your career by the sweat of your brow. Review your plan to own an asset. Confrontations and there will be rift between you and your partner. Avoid stress; otherwise it may impact on your health.
Lucky Colour– Silver
Lucky Number– 11


Trim down your expenses and focus on savings. You will get immense job satisfaction. Students are suggested to complete their pending tasks, soon. You may get a prestigious assignment, for the completion of which, you would have to travel overseas. Your social status will rise. You could enjoy a blissful evening with your beloved.
Lucky Colour– Electric Grey
Lucky Number– 8


Emotional bonds with your special someone will get strengthen. You are likely to make mistakes at the workplace. You may not get enough time to involve in social activities. Seasonal changes may affect your health, so take precautionary measures to stay healthy.
Lucky Colour– Lavender
Lucky Number– 5


Resolve your domestic issues harmoniously. Students are likely to get success in competition. Tackle issues at the workplace with the right frame of mind. You may enjoy a function or party. Opportunities to earn huge money are coming your way. Be careful towards your health.
Lucky Colour– Dark Brown
Lucky Number– 6