Say NO to Hazardous Health Trends

Women are very particular about their appearance. Who is not? All of us are wishful for beautiful, young and gorgeous skin. We try new and advanced health techniques, such as new workouts, feeding on organic food and many other things with a view, to have healthy and easy to maintain a lifestyle. For this purpose, we adopt various beautifying techniques. But, success is not achieved every time. Sometimes, it is very unhealthy and dangerous in the later part of life. Here, we list down the most common health trends that could be risky in the near future-


Fish Pedicures



Fish pedicures are offered in many salons nowadays. Fish water tank contains ‘garra rufa’ fish that eats away dead skin and exposes newer skin on feet. This latest beauty craze to pamper your feet could lead to several dangerous infections as the fish spa contains antibiotic resistant bacteria, and it also raises a fear of spreading infections through open wounds of an infected person.


Black Market Butt Injections


This is a fast growing way to enlarge posterior portion. Since, the price to access a qualified doctor is not in reach of every woman who desires to own a specific look. As a result, they approach unlicensed people, instead of a licensed physician for butt enhancement treatment. It could be very dangerous causing abscesses and skin infections on their bottom. So, it is better to go for controlled and regulated plastic surgery by an experienced doctor.


Keratin Straightening Systems


This keratin cure is a hair straightening treatment, used to eliminate frizz and straighten the hair for around 6-7 months. This treatment can be done on virgin as well as chemically treated (bleached, highlights, coloured or earlier straightened) hair. Cystine (Straightening agent) and keratin (to instill protein) are used in the curl removing treatment. When the products are mixed, formaldehyde gas is released, which has got carcinogenic effects.




It definitely requires a good deal of care whether it’s sun, tanning bed or else when it comes to dealing with UV light.  Tanning bed session certainly provides a healthy looking, glowing skin but exposes skin to numerous health risks. UV rays may cause premature skin aging- wrinkles, lax skin, brown spots, etc.   Top of all increases the risk of lethal skin cancer. UV radiations may also cause eyes injuries and affect the immune system of the body.


Bikini Waxes


There is a risk of viral or bacterial infections in waxing or shaving, though minimal but it is. It raises the risk of sexually transmitted disease and skin infection. Hence, doctors are alarming regarding the procedure. They state it as the worst thing to do to skin. It can be hazardous if your beautician doesn’t take the correct steps ensuring proper hygiene and care to avoid skin infections, like reddish skin infection (cellulitis), infected hair follicles (folliculitis) or pus beneath the skin (abscess).