Save your Energies on Mops and Brooms

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Office work…kids…husband…house! If you are a working woman, then you have a lot on your mind. I understand how difficult it is to manage all these simultaneously. If I am not wrong, weekends of most of you get conceded in dusting and cleaning of your dream world– that’s your house. Our house is our comfort zone. In the evening, when we reach home, after a daylong work, we feel relaxed. But, the same house gets on your nerves during the weekends. Am I right?? So, here are some tips for you to make your weekends more comforting.

Here are some tips to get your work done in a smarter way:

De-clutter your house

It’s very difficult and time consuming to clean a hotchpotch house. Make your house clear of clutter. In spite of accumulating old clothes, books, toys and other things, donate them, if still they are in a good condition. This way, you help others, besides helping yourself. Until and unless, the stuff is not much important, don’t purchase it, otherwise, it will occupy space needlessly.

Clean Daily

Remember, cleaning is not a one time job. It becomes very cumbersome, if you clean your house during weekends. Spare a few minutes from your routine busy schedule to spick and span your paradise.

Involve Your Kids

Kids always remain eager to provide helping hands to their dear moms. You can assign some easy cleaning jobs to your little angels. You can ask them to arrange their books and toys at appropriate place or to make their beds. Also, teach your kids the importance of cleaning the house. This will help you a lot!

Clean One Room at a Time

Housekeeping involves hordes of kneeling, scrubbing, wiping and pushing. That’s why; this seems to be a burdensome task. So, work wisely.

Clean one room each day, instead of cleaning the whole house at one time. This way, the entire house will have been dirt free, by the end of the week.

Do This at Night

You can complete some of the cleaning activities, before going to bed. In this way, you can get enough time in the morning to do other important chores. Do following tasks at night:

  • Clean the kitchen cabinet.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Mop bathroom sinks and counters.
  • Load and run dishwasher.
  • Do away with dusting

Use dirt defenders

To keep your house dust-free, use dirt defenders.

  • Boot scrapers and doormats helps in keeping the dust away from your sweet house.
  • You can also use wall stickers in your kitchen. It prevents the wall from getting greasy.
  • Use vacuum cleaners to clean floors, ventilators and radiators.

Next weekend, plan a picnic with your family, instead of worrying about housekeeping. Enjoy!