Sagittarius: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

 (November 22 – December 21)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

The loving bond between married couples would get strengthened. Those already in a relationship will have to face up and downs in their love life. You are required to spend more time in understanding your partner.


You might have to shoulder more work responsibilities. For a job change, a long wait is there. Your spouse may support you financially. Past efforts will yield sweet fruits. Brush up your old skills to make yourself more competent. Try to do away with your weakness.


Don’t overwork and take proper rest to remain fit and healthy. Wean off the drinking habit immediately; otherwise it may damage your health. Engage yourself in some sort of physical activity or outdoor sports.

Domestic and Home Life

Don’t shun your domestic responsibilities; otherwise it may lead to conflicts. You might go for the renovation of your house. You will get enough time to indulge in social activities and pursue your hobbies.

Lucky Number– 7
Lucky Months– November and December
Lucky Colour– Light Red

Month wise Horoscope 2013


Give a second thought to your investment options. Your increased expenses will be counterbalanced with the raised income. Your attractiveness and charisma may enhance, this month. Home environment will remain peaceful. Eat a balanced diet to remain hale and hearty.
Lucky Colour– Light Red
Lucky Number– 1


Your business trip is likely to bring in several benefits. Be careful while handling the project given by your superior. Investment in real estate will fetch you handsome returns. Financial strength will rise. Slight issues regarding your health are predicted.
Lucky Colour– Chocolate
Lucky Number– 15


Job-seekers may find several rewarding job opportunities. From a financial point of view, this month is likely to be very promising for the Sagittarius people. Your long time friendship may get converted into a love relationship. Someone close will make you happy. Arrival of visitors at your home will increase.
Lucky Colour– Coffee
Lucky Number– 15


You are suggested to understand the things from other’s point of view. On the professional front, you are likely to get accolades and appraisals for your work. Attending a social gathering or a party is indicated. You will spend a quality time with your beloved. No issues with health are predicted.
Lucky Colour– All shades of Green
Lucky Number– 5


Solve the workplace problems with a systematic approach. A bright career and financial stability is indicated. You will remain socially active. You might get a chance to meet old friends. Love life is likely to be filled with excitement. Health conditions would improve.
Lucky Colour– Electric Grey
Lucky Number– 4


Luck showers on you, this month. Be cautious while planning an outing. Singles may find their love, so keep your fingers crossed! Try to make your work interesting. Health tips will prove beneficial for you.
Lucky Colour– Sky Blue
Lucky Number– 4


Manage your diet and exercise routine to remain healthy. Important financial changes will take place. You might have to exert some extra efforts in order to attain your earning goals. Overdoing is not good for your health.
Lucky Colour– Red
Lucky Number– 6


Peace and harmony will prevail at home. Your social connections will open several doors for you. Finances are better, this month. You might have to travel for business purpose. Relationship between you and your partner are possibly get strengthen. Pay attention to improve your health.
Lucky Colour– Coffee
Lucky Number– 6


Try to curb the soaring expenses. Clarify your doubts before proceeding on any project. Your past efforts on the professional fronts will give you good results, this month. You might get indulged in social activities. Health will remain delicate.
Lucky Colour– Pink
Lucky Number– 2


You will get help from your well wisher in overcoming a challenging situation. Success in the new business venture is predicted. Take some break from your work to rejuvenate and refresh yourself. Motivation provided by you to your colleagues will help them a lot. Health will remain satisfactory.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 22


You will explore new places. You may have to speed the pace of your work to complete the pending projects. Pay attention to your family members. You will get opportunity to meet old friends or relatives. On the romantic front, this month is satisfactory. You may face minor health issues.
Lucky Colour– Parrot Green
Lucky Number– 17


To move up the corporate ladder, make a good career plan. Investing money into a fresh venture will bring good benefits in the long run. Love life will go smooth. Harmonious domestic life is expected. Yoga and meditation could help you to remain fit.
Lucky Colour– Turquoise
Lucky Number– 4