Crucial Safety Tips for Alone Women Drivers

One of my friends was travelling alone at night. On the way, she was pulled over by an unmarked vehicle with a flashing light. A person came out of that vehicle and asked her to step out from the car. Now, tell me, what will you do if the same incident happens with you? Most of you might step out of the car, assuming that it would be something alarming. Am I right? But, is it safe to get out of the car, immediately?

I have noticed that in comparison to men, women get more victimized to robbery, sexual assault, carjacking, robbery or other crime. So, be vigilant especially when you are driving alone! Here are some safety tips for women driving alone.

  • Keep Your Keys Handy

Scrabbling for keys in your purse can give a suspect the further few seconds to do a theft, carjacking, or abduction. So, always keep the keys in your hands when approaching your parked vehicle.

  • Keep Your Vehicle in Good Mechanical Condition

In order to avoid breakdowns and bad situations, keep your vehicle well serviced. Before going on a long trip, do check your safety kit.

  • Keep Mobile with You

Always keep your mobile with you. Ensure that it is fully charged. Save the number of police and emergency services in your phone.

  • Don’t Pull Over for Fishy Vehicles

Never pull over for an unmarked police vehicle.  If the vehicle seems to be distrustful, don’t stop and keep on driving. Call the local police authority. They would tell you if your area is being patrolled by an unmarked vehicle.

  • Don’t Believe the Strangers

If you are not aware of the route to your destination, ask for directions from authenticated persons (like shopkeepers, traffic police, etc.). Avoid following stranger.

  • Lock the Vehicle

Once you are in, roll up the windows and lock the doors.

  • Check the Volume of Sound System

While driving in busy areas or cities, tune your sound system at a levelheaded volume. Avoid updating facebook or twitter and check your text messages at every red light. Be cautious of your surrounds!

  • Understand the Intentions

If your car is smashed from the back and the batter appears to be intentional, stay in the car and lock the door. Call the police, immediately.

  • Be Careful while Parking

    • Choose well-lighted place for parking your car.
    • Ensure that people are passing by and there are attendants at the parking place.
    • Park in such a manner that when you come back, you will move towards the driver’s side.
  • Avoid Shortcuts

Instead of using short cuts that get you through unsafe and unfamiliar areas, get through usual routes.

  • No Lift

Sometimes backpackers request you to lift them up to a certain destination. These ramblers may be in the disguise of a kidnapper or mugger. So, don’t show mercy on these hitchhikers.

Your defense is in your hands! Next time, when you drive alone, follow the above specified safety tips.