Tips for Safe Driving, from Women on Wheels

“Women are safer and better drivers than men.”

I am not saying this, statistics reveals this truth. Take a look at given below statistics and you will believe me!

AAMI (an insurance company) conducted a telephone survey of more than two thousand drivers and got the following result:

Parameter Men (in percent) Women (in percent)
Drink drive 55 30
Use mobile phones while driving 22 15
Verbally abuse another driver 46 36
Distracted by billboards 51 40
Rudely gestured at other drivers 47 38
Crashed their vehicle 84 77

Many auto insurance and automobile industry experts would concur with the fact that men drive more assertively than women. Also, male drivers more likely to break the traffic laws than females.

Here are some differences in the driving style of male and female drivers:

Be Aware of Your Physical Condition

Females– Always drive, if their physical condition allows so.
Males– Never consider their physical condition.

Here are some tips for men for becoming a good driver:

  • While driving you need to be very alert.
  • You require a good hearing and vision.
  • Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or any other drug.
  • Also, avoid driving when you are emotionally upset or tired.
  • Eat light when driving on long routes. Heavy meals can make you weary and sleepy.

Plan Ahead

Females– Plans for a long drive one or two days prior.
Males– Suddenly call their friends and ask to be ready within 1 hour to go for a long drive.

So, males…please pay attention!

  • All fluids are at appropriate level.
  • Tires are properly inflated.
  • Gas cylinder is full.
  • Maintenance tool kit has all the necessary gizmos.

Appropriate Speed

Females– Keep the speed according to the prevailing conditions.
Males– They are fast drivers. Always remain in a hurry to reach their destination. Try to overtake other vehicles from wrong directions.

Boys…please stop showing your heroism and follow the below given suggestions:

  • Adjust the speed according to the prevailing conditions.
  • Keep the driving speed slow on highways, during night and in rainy season.
  • You can respond to unexpected circumstances, timely, if you keep your speed slow.

Have Patience

Females– Drive with patience.
Males– Drive aggressively. The anger always stays on the tip of their nose.

So, boys…..eschew your fierceness and be calm! Don’t remain in a hurry to reach your destination.

Drive with the Flow of Traffic

Females– Drive in concurrence with traffic.
Males– Don’t care for traffic. Drive in their ‘masti’.

Males….be attentive!

Sometimes, driving too slow may also be dangerous. On the highly dense road, if you will drive slowly, it would create a roadblock. So, drive in accordance with the traffic flow.

Use Signals

Females– Use signals, while turning.
Males– Avoid using signals. Use to show attitude ‘Kya fark padta hai?’

Boys…fark padta hai!

Always use signals while turning. It is beneficial not only for you but also for other bicyclists, pedestrians, or motorcyclists.

Follow Common Safety Rules

Females – Follow safety and traffic rules.
Males– Mostly pay ‘challan’ for breaking traffic rules.

Males…follow the below given tips if you don’t want to pay ‘challan’.

  • Keep eyes on the road.
  • Don’t talk. It may distract your concentration.
  • Don’t attend any phone call while driving.
  • Always wear seat belt.
  • Stop at red lights.

In a nutshell, The best drivers are aware that they must be beware.