5 Amazing Ruby Red Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2019

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Ruby red is one of the most beautiful and on-trend shades of red hair you will ever see. This stunning hue can benefit your whole appearance so much. Now that it’s officially trending you can feel free to rock one of the tones below. We made sure to bring you a short guide on how to actually get the hair dye at home, how to maintain it and 5 different versions of it.


How To Get Ruby Red Hair

ruby red hair color

The road to getting this ruby red shade on hair is much easier than you think. It’s very much like coloring your hair with any other shade of red, the only thing that is hard is deciding the exact hue that you like. The process depends mostly on the color of your natural hair. If you have dark hair, that means you might need to bleach it first.

Ruby is done much easier on light hair tones. Start by choosing the product with the hair dye that you like. Women with dark hair should first bleach the hair with a special lightening product. Section the hair and start applying the bleach. You need to read the instructions thoroughly and follow them step by step. Leave it on for the recommended time, then wash it away.

If you think that you want to go lighter, you can repeat the process once again. When you’re all done with that, the next step is to apply the hair dye. Also, read and follow the instructions on the packaging.

After the waiting period is done, you can wash the hair. Your gorgeous ruby red hair is ready. Now all you have to do is protect it with a special shampoo and conditioner meant for colored hair.


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Gorgeous Ruby Red Hairstyles

We have shortlisted 5 best ideas to styles to your hair with ruby red color.

1. Long Layered Bob with Bangs

ruby red hair with bangs

Deep, dark, and shiny is what you need to opt for if you’ve been dreaming of a glamorous finish. This ruby red hairstyle with bangs style looks so edgy for young women.

Ideal For: This hair dye is ideal for women with a fair skin tone and green eyes.

How To Style: You will need to visit the hairstylist twice a month to help you maintain the gorgeous color.


2. Pigtail Buns

ombre ruby red hair

This is the strongest case of ombre we’ve seen in a while.

Ideal For: All women with black hair can try this stunning ruby ombre.

How To Style: Soft waves will do this mane so much justice.

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3. Long Straight Hair with Layers

light ruby red hair color

Light is always great if you’ve already had red hair and you loved it.

Ideal For: Perfect for ladies who tried red tones on their hairdo, first-timers might want to go a bit darker first.

How To Style: Splurge on quality products and schedule regular visits to the hair salon for touchups.


4. Long Balayage Hair

balayage ruby red hair

Balayage is possible with any hair color that you can think of. The ruby red version involves a darker base with light red highlights.

Ideal For: Great for beginners, who prefer to get multi-dimensional hair dyes. If balayage was your technique of choice until now, you can still get it with this intense red tone.

How To Style: Just like with all of the other examples on this list, find a good hair colorist that is experienced in balayage so that you achieve the results you want.


5. Intense Red

ruby red hair color

The real ruby red hair dye is intense and captivating. If you need that ‘wow’ factor in your life, start with this color.

Ideal For: The ladies who have already experimented with red hues and want something even more dramatic will love the intense version of ruby hair color.

How To Style: Always use color-protecting products to keep it fresh and vibrant.

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Ruby Red Vs Cherry Red

ruby red vs. cherry red

In the sea of red hair shades, it’s really easy to get lost. You’ve probably already heard people mentioning both ruby and cherry red. But do you actually know the difference? Let’s start with the basics. Ruby red shade is inspired by the ruby gemstone which features signature red and a hint of pink undertones. It’s a stunning hue that is very eye-catching and impactful.

The cherry, on the other hand, is inspired by cherries. It’s really hard to think of a single cherry shade, especially because this fruit includes a wide range of colors. When it comes to hair, it’s usually associated with a dark, rich tone, which is very close to burgundy. In most cases, ruby is more vibrant, with pink undertones, while cherry is darker with purple undertones.


Ruby red hair color creates such a vibrant look that guarantees attention. If you do maintain it properly, you will always have the most vivacious hairstyle that everyone loves. All the 5 different hues we suggested above can work for different skin tones, but they are most flattering for pale and fair complexions.