Root for Stripes

Trend alert, ladies! The stripe is the new oxygen! Through thick and thin (pun intended) we suggest you stick to the good old strip and let it work magic to your silhouette. Horizontal, vertical, detailed, zig zag, elaborate, intricate strip is here AND for good.

We love what Marc Jacob has done with the trend. His style is very sophisticatedly cool and makes use of strips like never before.

Helmut Lang and Emerson almost nail it too.

Marimekko’s inclusion of blue is edgy.

The skinny strip by Oscar de la Renta is eye grabbing. We even love the shoes.

Skaist Taylor’s creation is both girly and sporty. The hair does the trick for it.

Tia Cibani makes use of earthy colours and bold prints to work with stripes.

Tommy Hilfiger’s flowy dresses, fitted shirts and bright hues are chic, stylish and new age.

Accessorising right is crucial to your entire outfit. Y 3 gives the right head gear to its models.