Ring The Bell (Ghanti Bajao) Movement…. Just One Step

Have you heard about it? No!!! No worries, we’re here to make you aware about this revolutionary movement that has stirred a ray of hope among millions and billions.

Bell Bajao is an operation which advocates one and all to raise their voice against domestic violence or physical abuse by means of simple act. It was commenced on 20th August, 2008 with the breakthrough in alliance of the UNIFEM, Ministry of Women and Child Development and the UN Trust Fund. The pioneering crusade has given India a reason to smile and a weapon to fight against this severe evil with an easy step.

The ground-breaking campaign comprises prize-winning Public Service Announcements, training tools and media. The campaign aims to trigger all men and boys if they find any sort of domestic hostility to immediately call the culprit causing the damage or ring the doorbell. This aspect will instigate the impression of males as supporters in finishing domestic violence rather than only as miscreants. For this incredible step, the successful organization has also achieved the Silver Lion, for the ‘Bell Bajao movement’ against domestic act, at the Cannes Lions 57th International Advertising Festival (France).

All these were to make you aware of this just one magical action, which can protect the lives of our females from being physically and psychologically ruined. Domestic violence, in India, we all would’ve been familiar, actually tops the crime chart. As in the most recent information by India’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), mentioned that in after every three minutes a crime conduct is being recorded against females in India. If we want, we can give you a lot more facts on this! But our notion is to drag your attention to this exemplary feminist movement and how it works for you.

The campaign also involves renowned celebrity, like actor Boman Irani. He being a brand ambassador of this operation stirs within men the feeling of real courage and persuades them by saying “that men can stop domestic violence by becoming sensitised and involved in the issue”.

To make it more understandable, you might’ve gone through the ad which gives a clear depiction of how it effects. The advertisement supported by this movement exhibits how a cluster of local children while playing saved a woman who was being physically abused by his husband. When they heard her scream, they immediately stopped playing and ran to her house. The door was closed, so they asked for their missing ball as an excuse from the crook. This made the wrongdoer realized that he didn’t have any right to domestic violence.

To spread the guidelines regarding the protection of females, the operation has also run video vans. This works as a mobile to broadcast information on family rights also engages and educates the audiences that lead to social transformations.

The movement has raised its standards high and have helped in securing numerous lives as well. The after effects of this operation states that added than 1.14 lack individuals have actively participated to get awareness regarding this cruel matter via audio visual, quizzes and games.

We, as Indians and as humans both, now consider where we still stand??? We might be aiming high to become no. one among several powerful nations. However, we’re still not aware of how much domestic violence happens next to our houses. Just one step people and the screams of the sufferer may be stopped!!!

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