Revlon PhotoReady Concealer Review

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God wasn’t very generous when it came to distributing a beautiful, flawless skin to His folks. But then, He didn’t totally ignore the “flawed” ones. He helped mankind to create the Revlon Photo Ready Stick Concealer; which is the answer to every girl’s prayer for a blemish free skin.

Let’s face it; nobody ever welcomes pimples on their face. They pop out; they cause pain, the really stubborn ones stick around for months and even then, they refuse to die down. And how is that you ask? Well, they leave those loathsome marks and scars where they once existed in full swing. This is the time when the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer comes in the picture to camouflage your imperfections!

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Price: Rs. 700

Quantity: 3.2 grams




The concealer is very neatly packaged. It’s almost lipstick like, in the shape of a black bullet and a transparent cap. Very handy, easy to take around, hygienic (unlike pots), and elegantly packed in a black and transparent design; it is absolutely smart wrapping!

What We Have to Say About the Product


Today, we are doing the review of Revlon Photo Ready Concealer 003 Light Medium Shade. The concealer gives an undetectable yet complete coverage for an appearance that is airbrushed and flawless. It blends well into the skin, and the creamy texture does not settle into the fine lines and pores on your face. Depending on the way you layer it, the concealer can provide a medium to heavy coverage.

There’s also an extremely low shimmer in it (‘extreme’ here signifying very very very low shimmer). It’s so light that you wouldn’t be able to trace it at first, and once you do, you’ll know that it’s really pleasant and minimalistic (We hope that mentioning the presence does not work as a turn off- since it does for most people- even us- and don’t worry, you are definitely not going to look like a magician).

It contains SPF 20 and is definitely not cakey. It easily conceals the dark circles and is very effective for the under eye area. It also stays for a good amount of time- 6 hours, and during the daytime, can be made use of as an illuminator or highlighter. The fragrance is very mild and pleasing, which sort of works well with everyone. It is easy to remove- a regular face wash or makeup remover will suffice, and the matte finish is usually loved by all.

Another great thing about this product is that it can be eased both ways: under or above the foundation. It includes photo-chromatic pigments that bend, get reflected and diffused by light to help you erase your flaws. It is oil free and paraben-free.


You can apply it directly through the stick. Leave dots on your weak areas, and then use a finger to blend it gently and evenly on your skin. Use a foundation over it for maximum effect.

The Downside

Well, there’s hardly any. Just that the really dark and fresh marks might need a little bit of more effort. Also, keep it away from your current acne in order to avoid the infection.

The Verdict


Yay or Nay? It’s totally yay!