Review: The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter

Hello, all the girls and ladies out there! How was your weekend? Yes, we know that you shopped a lot from all your favourite brands and made the most out of the ongoing monsoon sale of the season. And today, we are going to add one more thing to your shopping cart with our reviews. Today, we are landing up with our hand on experience and review on The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter.

As we all know that monsoons have already knocked the doors, and our skins have already started to feel a little dry. We need a lotion or a body butter sort of thing that should not be very greasy while being zesty and energizing. And what else can be better than The Body Shop’s range of body butters? And Satsuma’s soft and refreshing aroma is just impeccable to set your mood in rains. So, let’s go onto a ride of fresh, zesty and peppy Satsuma.


What does the company claim about the product?

Best if you want to: soften your skin with a refreshing, citrus-scented cream that moisturizes for up to 24 hours.

Best for: Normal skin

Our Verdict

Satsuma Body Butter is a very light and soft textured crème that will flow through your skin easily. You don’t need to rub your hands again and again over those thick body butters, to apply onto your skin.

Satsuma Body butter is made up of three main ingredients:

  • Satsuma oil that not only moisturizes the skin, but also provides a citrus scent aroma.
  • Community Trade Shea butter that moisturizes skin, and also protects it as it has high levels of Vitamin A, E & F.
  • Community Trade Cocoa Butter, which is an excellent moisturizer, melts amazingly at body temperature.


Pros & Cons of Satsuma Body Butter:

  • Very light and soft. Hence, glides into your skin easily.
  • The fragrance is long lasting. Moreover, it moisturizes your body for up to 24 hours, as claimed by the brand.
  • A small amount of this body butter goes a long way. Hence, it is not consumed quickly, and you need not to spend money often to repurchase it.


Price: 4.5/5

Packaging: 4.8/5

Value for money: 4.7/5

Performance: 4.8/5

Overall Score: 4.7/5 (Excellent Product)


These were our hand on experience and respective reviews on Satsuma Body Butter by The Body Shop. Keep following and exploring your very own Feminiya, for more such useful reviews on various brands and products.