Review: The Body Shop Satsuma Beautifying Oil


Hello everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying monsoons in your own way. Monsoon symbolizes an aura of zest, zeal and freshness around you. Everything seems to be very lively and fresh during monsoon. To add more zest, we want everything fresh and zestful from head to toe, be it bright monsoonal clothes, or citrusy moisturizers to hydrate our skins.

Today, I am coming up with the review of another Satsuma range of the brand. This time it is The Body Shop Satsuma Beautifying Oil. Well, we all want to get rid of oils, and we cannot withstand oil on our skins as it tends to make our skins sticky, which can get dirt easily and develop acne and blemishes. But, not to be forgotten is that our skin actually needs oil to keep itself hydrated and supple. Though oil is needed, but it is needed in optimized quantity, neither extra nor less.

The Body Shop has come up with a range of beautifying oils that can be used on hair, body, and face. Most of us become apprehensive while applying oil to our face, as it may lead to break outs. I am going to solve all of your related problems while reviewing this product.

What does The Body Shop claim about the product?


Beautifying oil is a pure beauty in a bottle. Made with a light weight blend of nut oil, including Community Fair Trade marula oil, it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish. This one smells of fresh Satsuma.

  • A little goes a long way
  • Fresh Satsuma scent

Our Verdict:

We all are extremely conscious about our skins. We always stay at a distance when it comes to experimenting with skin. Especially, if someone comes and tell us to apply an oil to our face, everyone  will either refuse or think 10 times  before doing so, as oil on face can lead to the serious break outs on face.


The Body Shop’s Satsuma Beautifying oil is one of the few or perhaps the only oil that I have come across, which is extremely great on skin from head to toe.

If you apply it on your hair, you just need to damp your hands with oil, and little is sufficed for your hair. It will give your hair a lustrous finish.

If you apply it on your body from hands to legs, your body will blink like a star as it hydrates your entire body, while making it shimmery.

Finally, if you apply it on face, first of all, trust me it will not make you break out. Second, it will be absorbed greatly by your skin, and you will not realize an oily finish, but sheen on your face. It will make your face look smoother than ever.

Cost: 895/- for 100 ml


Packaging: 4/5

Cost: 3.5/5

Effectiveness: 4/5

Aroma: 5/5

Overall Score: 4/5 (Very Good)