Review: The Body Shop Coconut Bath Shower Cream

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Product Review:  The Body Shop- Coconut Bath Shower Cream


Hello, everyone out there! It’s time to reveal the review of The Body shop Coconut Bath Shower Cream. We are all aware of the miraculous benefits of coconuts, whether in the form of oils, water or cream. Coconuts are meant to nourish our skins in every possible way, from inside out.

The company website says:

“This soap-free shower cream contains organic virgin coconut oil and has a deliciously tropical scent.
• Lather-rich
• Tropical coconut scent.”


This non soapy formula is meant for creamy cleansing, enriched with community trade virgin coconut oil.  It is suitable for those with normal-dry skin. It comes in a plastic bottle with narrow lid opening, and has a thick consistency. As a result, it does not fall from your hands easily and you can make a foamy lather with your hands quite well.


Since, it comes in a crème base, it does not lather like a gel, but it does solve your purpose of bathing quite well in terms of lather.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of this creamy coconut body wash –


  • Creamy and soap free.
  • Contains the goodness of extra virgin coconut oil.
  • Delightful coconut fragrance.
  • Consistently thick that prevents wastage and spilling.
  • Excellent for those with normal-dry skin.
  • Light texture.


  • Does not lather like gel wash, hence a little more of the product is required.
  • Very creamy texture. Hence, not suited for people with oily skin.

 So, with all the pros and cons, we have summarized the ratings of this product as follows:

  • Fragrance- 4.9/5
  • Texture- 3.8/5 (since, it is not suited for oily skin)
  • Value for money- 4/5
  • Packaging- 4.3/5

Overall score:  4.2/5

Remarks: Very good, recommended to those with normal-dry skin.