Review- Maybelline Express Finish Nail Paint

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Okay! So, who loves nail polishes? You all do! Don’t you? But, the problem with nail polishes is that you can’t be sure, until it dries up, and as they say “a woman is helpless only when her nail polish is wet.” So, Maybelline came up with this Express Finish range, which claims to dry up in 40 seconds. And, I obviously went out to buy one (or a few more maybe!).

With the Fuchsia fever on, I’ve got you the review of Maybelline Express Finish in Fuchsia. The number is 155.

Let’s see.

Price: Rs. 200 for 10ml.

Packaging: Nail polishes are always cute. This one comes in a sleek flat bottle with a metallic cap. It’s sleek, so it’d fit in the tiniest bag, you have. Also, the lid is tight, so no leakage problem while travelling.


Brush/ Applicator: The brush is the yay part of this nail polish. It’s a flat brush, with soft and even bristles. Not less, not more… it picks up just the exact amount, needed to paint your nails. The brush definitely contributes to the smooth and quick application. I can say that coz am a very messy person and even, I could get an almost perfect finish!


Shade: It’s Fuchsia 155, a lovely shade, which instantly adds life to your hands, making them all vibrant and pretty.

How to Apply

  • Start with a transparent base coat. It secures the nail polish in place for much longer.
  • Paint your nail starting from the base in one or two sweeps; until you get the desired color or finish, but, don’t overdo it, otherwise, it’ll start cracking very soon.
  • I usually top it with a clear top coat.

Time Taken to Dry: I wouldn’t say, it took exact 40 seconds to dry, but, it dried very quickly. I’d say in less than a minute, which is quite quick, considering the time, other nail paints take.


 What I like about This Nail Polish

  • Dries quickly.
  • Good quantity.
  • Applicator designed to give you a professional finish.
  • The color is amazing in matte finish.
  • Flat brush makes the application real quick.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Vibrant colors available.

What I Don’t Like about This Nail Polish

  • A bit too expensive. I feel, spending Rs. 200 on nail paint is quite too much, coz you need so many colors. It’s always “the more, the merrier” in case of nail polishes. Rs. 200 each means 5 of them would cost you like a 1000 bucks. (yes! Am stingy sometimes.)



Quite so! I think I might repurchase it for the color palette and the expert brush.


It’s always better to start with the base coat, and finish with a clear to coat. It definitely makes the nail polish stay for much longer. Here’s the clear base coat by Maybelline Express Finish.