Reveal The Story Of A Mole?

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Do you have a mole on your palm? But, what it indicates?? Don’t know….?? Okay, I will tell you!

`In order to interpret the moles, divide your palm in 2 vertical halves by drawing an imaginary line from the center of the tip of mid finger to the bracelet (as shown in the figure).

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Position of the Mole on the Palm Interpretation
Black mole adjacent to the imaginary line near the bracelet at the end of the life line Troubles in the married life
On the center of the palm but on the right side
  • Wealth and riches
  • Happy married life
Little up from imaginary line between the fate and life line on the right side below the center of the palm. Destroy the wealth
Little up from imaginary line between the fate and life line on the left side below the center of the palm.
  • You will pursue travelling job
  • You will have to remain away from your birth place for earning livelihood.
On the pour of right mid finger Balanced and happy life
On the pour of left mid finger
  • Grave illness
  • Obstacles in achieving goals
On the pour of right index finger
  • Justice lover
  • Successful life
On the pour of index finger of left palm
  • Fights and attrition
  • Abrupt loses
Black mole on the life line/ Red mole on the head line Injury to the head
Black mole between the head and heart line on the right side of the palm Appreciation and fame in the work field.
Mole on the 2nd phalange of mid finger
  • Be wary with weapons.
On the lowest part of index finger
  • You may be deceived by your own family member.
On marriage line Stressful married life
On health line Weakness
On the curve of the Mercury
  • Defame in the career
  • Failure in love
On the curve of Saturn
  • Troubled married life
  • Ill repute due to love affairs
Chain or series of moles near the bracelet of the right hand palm Marvelous success in the life
A red mole on head line beneath the Sun mount Troubles related to ears
Black mole on the Sun mount
  • Breakdown in family life
  • Problems related to eye
Enclosed in the fist
  • Auspicious fortune
  • Excellent income
On the mars line
  • Neurosis
  • Timid nature
On the fate line Setback in career success
On the Sun line Monetary losses
Brown mole on the heart line Hopeless flirt
Black mole on the curve of Venus Early marriage
On the curve of Jupiter
  • Little success in religious matters
  • Hindrances in marriage

Check your palm, locate the position of the mole and know your fate!