Release The Agony Of The Weeping Past

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Everybody has at least one memory which they want to erase from their lives. It can either be of a lost love, a failed project, an accident etc. Things would have been easier if life came with a delete button, an edit button and we’d want one for rewind and fast forward. The “bad things” are capable of snatching away your peace of mind, making your days lifeless and dull and take away your sleep. But it is only natural for us humans to behave this way. Nobody thinks of failure when embarking on a new journey.


And those who do get cynical are termed as pessimists by those of us who try to keep faith and look at the brighter side of things. Letting go the past is not something that can be achieved in a day or two. It will require efforts on your part and sometimes the desired outcome will come only after a few weeks or months. But don’t give up. Stick to your plan and you will never be disappointed. Also, never lose faith. Bad things happen to good people. And do you know why that is so? Because good people are capable of facing adversity in the face and deserve the excellent things that will follow after the bad experiences.


Firstly, what is it that you are trying to forget? Because your course of action will depend entirely on the occurrence you want to get rid of. It’s out of your life, but it isn’t out of your mind. So what we have to do is, de clutter your mind, accept your mistakes and get ready to embrace the future. But of course, everything is easier said than done. So here is some help to fight the blues and bring in a happier future.


Acceptance- The first step in forgetting the past is that you accept what happened. You will have to realize that you cannot change the past but you sure can decide if you want it to ruin the future. It has passed. And now, it isn’t possible for any living force to change it, alter it, re-write it. But what can be re written, is your perception of it and your handling of the issue that has caused you pain and agony. If you carry the hurt within you, you are sure to poison all your future relationships, projects and endeavors, leading them to collapse.

Face the challenges that come your way- Resolve your past. Because if you don’t, it will haunt you, disturb you and re-surface over and over again. The underlying anger and sorrow that have been pushed to one corner of your mind need to be chucked out for a better you in the long run. So don’t allow it to eat you away, don’t let it over power you or make you shallow.


Let it go- Don’t carry the baggage of the past to your present. Because if you do so, you will unknowingly bring it to your future too. Acknowledge it; don’t shun it completely, because if you do so, you will never be able to forgive yourself or the person that caused the pain. Don’t play out the past in a present relationship. What wrong has the new person done to deserve such an unfair treatment? You were wronged, cheated upon, lied to and hurt. These things happened to you once. But they aren’t happening to you now. And they will never occur again if you don’t let the past guide your future.

Create Positivity- Be aware, that you cannot change what occurred, but you sure can mold what is about to ensue. However, no one can predict the future too. But you can make yourself strong; equip your mind and heart with whatever it takes to battle the blues so that you aren’t as susceptible and naive to further negative experiences. Everyone gets hit hard the first time and it is a natural human tendency, not to be shattered to pieces the next time. After all, practice does that to you.

Take charge- Take responsibility for the things that occurred. Blaming destiny, this world and God will not help. But don’t give up. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s one of the best things about being human. We all are as vulnerable and exposed to danger as the rest of the crowd. Face every challenge with all you’ve got and one day, even failure will back off. Remember, the future is unwritten and unseen and you can mold it just the way you want it to.


There’s enough goodness out there. If God created Satan, he blessed us with angels too. Sinners will reap the result of their actions; you are here to fulfill your role in the story of our universe. Be good, stay good and the past will eventually disappear.