Red Hair with Blonde Highlights: Top 10 Looks to Rock in 2019

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Redheads are beautiful, yes, but nothing says “I’m stylish and know what I’m doing” like women who can rock red hair with blonde highlights, so today, we’re going to show the best hairstyles of this type for you -and any redhead!- to rock out.


Alluring Red Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights

We have curated here a list of 10 unique ideas to style blonde highlights on red hair. Have a look to get inspired.

1. Long Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

 Long Red Balayage Hair with Blonde Highlights

One of the best ways to get that dark red hair with blonde highlights is to get a blonde balayage done to your red undertone. This way, you’ll get a much more natural look while also adding texture and volume.

Make sure to ask your stylist to also slightly curl your hair to really bring out the contrast between the two colors and make the most out of the recently done highlights.

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2. Honey Blonde Highlights

Red Curly Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

If you though blonde highlights on red hair looked amazing, wait to see how good they look on curly hair! It will give you the illusion of having much more volume and more defined natural curls.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it’s actually beneficial for your curls, since highlights naturally give you more texture, making them look really good almost effortlessly.


3. Copper Red Mid-length Hair

copper red hair with blonde highlights

If you’re looking for a more “natural red” then this blonde highlighted red hair is the right way to go! You’ll look like a natural redhead with lots of volume in your hair.

Of course, don’t forget to give it a little bit of shape with some loose curls from the middle down to really showcase the blonde highlights across your hair.


4. Short Bob with Blonde Lowlights

Short Red Bob with Soft Blonde Highlights

If you have red short hair but want to give it some depth this is the right hairstyle for you! Trust us, soft blonde highlights will give your short red hair some texture and volume, making it look much more fuller and healthy.

Not to mention this type of hairstyle + highlights will instantly light up your face, since it will frame it AND bring light to it, complementing your natural features.


5. Tousled Bob with Chunky Highlights

red hair with chunky blonde highlights

If you’re looking for a subtle change to your regular red hair, then these bigger highlights are the right thing for you. This type of hairstyle is low maintenance and blends perfectly with almost every red tone out there.

If you want to take it one step further you can even ask your hairdresser to put some blonde highlights on the pieces of hairs that frame your face to bring light into it.


6. Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Wavy Bob with Strawberry Blonde Highlights 

Sometimes red hair with blonde highlights will result in this beautiful “strawberry” color, a very natural yet beautiful type of red color that looks amazing in both long and short hair, but looks even better in a short bob!

Again, these colors really do come to life when you curl your hair so remember to add some soft, delicate waves to your haircut to really show those blonde highlights!


7. Undertone Blonde Highlights

For those women who are looking for a more bold look, this is the one for you! This bright blonde highlights on red hairstyle will make it seem as if your hair is pure fire.

Not to mention this type of hairstyle really does look amazing when you either braid it or slightly curl it since it will bring out the blonde highlights hidden underneath the red tones.


8. Blonde Balayage Highlights

Red Hair with Blonde Balayage Highlights

Get that strawberry hair color with this mix of coppery dark red and blonde highlights. This hairstyle suits people with both cold and warm skin undertones and naturally brings light to your face.

Of course, if you want to go for a deeper red you can do it as well, however, this combination works best with a more subtle copper and light blonde highlights.


9. Bright Red Short Hair with Yellow Blonde Ends

short red hair with yellow blonde highlights

Last, but not least, combine a bright short red hair with yellow blonde highlights to really achieve that “fire” effect. You can even add some soft waves to really blend in the two colors together.

This hairstyle would also look good on long hair, but it does have an extra “wow” when you see it on short hair, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

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10. Copper Red with Light Blonde Highlights

long copper red hair with blonde highlights

Not all red hair with blonde highlights have to be bold and dramatic, with this hairstyle you can get a more natural red tone with subtle highlights to bring light to your face and depth to your haircut!

Plus, this specific type of hairstyle looks amazing when braided and soft beachy waves since it really does bring out the colors on your hair, making it look ten times better.