Reasons Behind Releasing Movies on Fridays

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Guys! Have you ever thought that why film-makers always release their movies on Friday? Well, there is no such rule in Bollywood, to release the films on Friday.

Every film is a final result of months of hard work. Producers spend crores of rupees in making a film and therefore, won’t like to take any risk while choosing the day for release of their films.

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Friday is a wise choice due to the following reasons.

1. Advantage of Weekend Followed by Friday


In order to ensure good response from audiences, Friday is chosen for new releases. As Friday is the last working day of the week, people remain in the spirit of chilling out with their friends and family members. And, what can be better than watching the latest release at an adjacent theatre. What you say?

2. Tested Pattern


In fact, Indian film industry follows the American pattern. The trend of launching show on Fridays was introduced by American theatres. This formula worked miraculously for the producers, and they earned a lot. Hence, the similar pattern was taken up by the Bollywood.

3. Superstition Rules


Another reason is B-wood film-makers’ superstition! In India, all religions consider Friday as an auspicious day. For Hindus, it’s a day of the goddess of wealth ‘Laxmi’. Muslims offer special prayers on Friday. Christians also regard it as a sacred day. By releasing their movies on Friday, producers seek divine blessings for the success of their films at Box Office.