Real Life and Love Stories that will Make you Smile!

“Learning to love is a strange process, sometimes even eternity looks short to understand it and sometimes one small event brings us face to face with it. Nevertheless, there is always something to take inspiration from and to know that there is something worth holding on to amid the crap going on in our lives”

Here’s a compilation of some small real life stories I heard from all the people with life-changing experience. The stories to make you think, to feel blessed for all that you have and also all that you don’t have. A love which is far from the thrilling picturesque one and close to the parts of our real life. Indulge, Admire and cherish love in all forms.Let’s have a look at the stories told in their own words.

  • Today I feel my dad is the best dad. He has always been the loving husband to my mom, making her laugh in the saddest of the moments. As long as I remember, he was always there to cheer me up in all of the school competitions, no matter how small or insignificant. This morning while I was looking for a plier in my dad’s toolbox, I came across a dirty folded paper. It was a page torn from my dad’s diary written few months before I took birth. It reads, “I am 18 years old, an alcoholic kicked out of the college, no family support, and a child abuse victim with a criminal record of theft. And, in 3 months, ‘teen father’ will be added to the list. But I swear I will make things right for my little girl. I will be the dad I never had.” And at last my father has done it ,still don’t know how, but yes he did it.

  • My dad passed away with a natural death at the age of 93. His body was found lying peacefully on his bed. On his chest, he secured under his hands 3 photographs of my mom. One from her college, one of their marriage and the last picture of my mom before she passed away. She was the unending love of his life and he wished to see her for the last time before dying.

  • The other day, an elderly couple, walked in my gift store. The love between them was unmistakable through the looks they exchanged. The man told me that it was their anniversary today, and I couldn’t stop saying, “You’ve clearly lived together forever”. The couple smiled and told me that it was their 5th anniversary. They outlived their ex-spouses, and god decided to grant them another chance on love.

  • The horror stuck me hard when I saw my 3 year old slipping and falling headfirst in the pool. I ran my life out of the changing room and to my surprise she was standing with Simba on steps of the pool. Simba is our Labrador, who jumped after her, to drag her by the collar to the shallow steps where she could stand. I hurried towards them and gave a tight hug!

  • I took my 14 year old son to visit hospital for my grandmother. She was suffering from Alzheimer’s and I usually go alone to visit her. When we were walking in the lobby towards her ward, a nurse smiled and said “good evening kartik” to my son. I was surprised and asked him how she knew his name. He said “oh that! I used to come to see dadi here some days on my way back from school.” I had no idea!

  • I and my husband had eloped and married at a very early age. On our first anniversary, both of us were unemployed, and so we decided that no gifts must be exchanged, and no money to be spent on the day. When I woke up on our anniversary day, I was surprised to see our one room apartment adorned with flowers of several kinds. There were 300 flowers, and he didn’t spend a dime as per the promise.

  • Today, I celebrated the 9th anniversary of our marriage with my wife. My parents were against my marriage because some priest detected ‘mangal dosh’ in my wife’s kundali. According to this dosh, if I had married her, I would have died in the same year. I feel blessed today as I discarded the non sense, and I can assure myself that I’d have definitely died, had I not been married to her!