Read His Body Language to Know what’s on His Mind!

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Isn’t it the most complicated thing to contemplate what’s going on in someone else’s mind? Especially if it’s a guy you are dating! Is he just flirting with you, or is it going to be a serious affair? Does he consider you just a friend or something else? Well, these are a few of the many questions that molest your mental peace, and you can’t just simply ask these questions coz that would make the things weird!

So, here’s how you can read his body language and decipher his mind!

1. When He Half Smiles Looking at You


What it means: This can mean two things. First, that the guy is uncomfortable in your presence. You are making him nervous. And the second is that there’s a good chance that he is looking for a no-strings-attached relationship. Body language expert Patti Wood says, “It’s a split faced gesture where one part of the face is telling one story, and the other part is telling something else completely.”

2. When He Touches his Belt or Pockets


What it means: If he is touching his pockets or hanging his thumb from the pocket or even scratching umm… down there, you must be careful. He is trying to draw your attention towards his assets. If a guy does it in the first few meetings itself, he is a complete despo, and you must rethink about him.

3. When He Holds a Long Piercing Gaze


What it means: Well, that might be tempting, and you will feel he is all smitten, but he could be playing with you! Normally, an intense eye contact wouldn’t last for more than 5-7 seconds, so if he holds it for more than that, he is doing it deliberately. It is also a seduction technique, so hose him down before you end up in a trouble.

4. When He Smiles Coyly with Lips Closed


What it means: If he smiles in a way that it shows only at the upturned corners of his lips, there’s a good chance that he likes you, but he won’t show it too soon. He may not be too sure about how he wants to go about it, and how you feel about him. You might want to cure his insecurity by being a lil expressive about your feelings.

5. When He Smiles with His Front Teeth Barely Peeking Through


What it means: This is a polite gesture that says ‘just friends’. This means that the guy considers you a friend, but he may not be thinking on the lines of a relationship. Though, we are not eliminating the chances of flirting or a relationship, but you might need a lil extra effort to grab his attention.

6. When He Gives You a Smirk with One Corner of His Lips Upturned


What it means: This means that he is being playful with you. He is a hard-to-get kind of guy, and he is presenting himself as a challenge in front of you. But you don’t need to worry coz you have grabbed his attention already, you just need to play along and prove it to him that you are a greater charmer!

7.When He Tilts His Head to the Side Where Your Eyes Meet


What it means: It is a subconscious reflex, which shows that a guy is interested in you, and most probably he is sincere about it. He would raise his eyebrows when you address him. However you should not jump to conclusions, try to find a few more signs to be sure of his liking.

8. When He Fidgets in His Chair


What it means: It’d usually mean that he is uneasy or maybe there is something he wants to say, but another psychology expert tells us that it might also signify that he is getting sexually excited. He possibly is trying to hide a probable erection also.

9. When He Runs His Fingers Through His Hair


What it means: If he does so while he is approaching to you, he is a little conscious about his appearance. If you like him back, you must comfort him with a compliment or two. If he does it while talking to you, it suggests he wants to look good in front of you. If he smiles while doing it, he is blushing.

10. When He Stands or Sits with His Legs Wide Apart


What it means: This is a very manly gesture. He is a confident guy, and he is trying to show you that he is the alpha male. If he does it while there are other guys around, he is being a little possessive about you. If he does it while it’s just the two of you, he is trying to attract your attention, and there is a good chance that he is aroused.

11. When He Strokes/ Touches His Face


What it means: He is definitely a good listener, and is sincerely listening to what you are saying, so try to make sense. However, there’s another theory, which says that we self stroke when we want to stroke the other person, but are hesitant about it. If he likes you, you want to take the things seriously coz this guy is a keeper.

12. When He Looks Around While Talking to You


What it means: He may be chivalrous to you, and you might feel that he is interested also, but he treats you as a good friend. If his eyes keep shifting here and there, or he doesn’t mind looking at other women, he is not flirting with you, and definitely not thinking on the lines of a relationship.

13. When He Notices Small Details about You


What it means: If a guy remembers a bracelet you wore or the color of your top from your last date, he is already crazy about you. In fact, he might be sincere about the relationship; so if you like him back, don’t be afraid of showing your feelings.

14. He Stands a Little Closer to You


What it means: If a guy does it in the first meeting itself, he is a jerk. He is only physically attracted to you. If a guy stands a little too close to you, while you are in public, he is insecure, and he wants to tell others that you are his girl.

15. He Waits for You to Go First


What it means: If a guy waits to see you get inside your house, or if he stays for a moment after saying goodbye, there’s a good chance that he is into you. It’s a sub-conscious way of telling that he enjoys your company, and looks forward to see you. He is a caring person, and he is not just flirting with you.

So, now you know how to read his mind, and what to look for. I hope it helps you in identifying the Mr. Right among the many wrong (hot, though!) ones.