Quick Tips to Start Nail-Art: Get Eye-catchy Nails Today!

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What’s more appealing than a set of manicured hands with well shaped and carved nails! Well, before starting let me tell you am not really a nail art person, keeping my nails in well shape too seems like a huge task to me. But I do adore beautiful hands with nicely painted and shaped nails. Nail art is quite an amusing one; you can do anything and everything with your nails. Stripes, prints, glitter, polka dots, colors, mix and match, shading… everything to be precise!

One of my friends has this particular love for nail arts and I learnt some of it from her, she is the kind who’d wear a new nail art everyday to match her outfit or to match the occasion. I feel, nail art is a lil expression of the painter inside you! Ain’t it?

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Here’s a basic guideline for you on how to start nail arting!

  • First of all you have to make sure that your nails are in good shape as nail art will attract a lot of attention to this otherwise unnoticeable part of your hands. If not a manicure, ensure to clean and shape your nails before you begin.

  • Now, this is a creative task and while you can buy a nail art kit containing brushes, stripers and stamps, you can also use toothpick, bobby pins or thin tipped brushes for the detailing. Once you start nail art, you’ll be able to look for unconventional things you can use for this purpose.

  • The tricky task that it is (to me, at least), you need to have all that you need at one place before you begin with it. The nail paints are likely to dry quickly and hence you need to be quick in your steps. For starters, you need acetone and cotton handy.

  • Now your nail is your canvas and you need to apply a base coat to give it a refined look. After the base coat, you can make the design you have selected. You can get nail art designs in magazines, books or the best of all… your own creative ideas!

  • For beginners, I’d suggest to go for simple designs like dots, stripes or plain flowers. The simple designs are not only easy to make but they also look the most beautiful without making your nails look too busy. You can accessorize the nail art with glitters and stones too.

  • After finishing the nail art and letting it dry, apply the top coat with clear acrylic paint. Keep applying the top coat once in every 2-3 days to protect your nail art.

Here are some nail art ideas you can use:

Dots are simple, dots are gorgeous !

Colorful stripes- easy to so and goes well with almost everything.

Easy to do and great to wear in the cocktail hour.

Black is bold and beautiful. Highlight the darker side of you with this nail art.

The metal finish nail paints are so hot this season, you sure wanna grab one or two!

How about getting some shoes on your nails! Afterall, we never have enough of them!

Now girls! It’s the time to give your feet a lil credit too!

Some bright colors mixing and matching will be adorable on a day out!

A double reverse French is simple and sexy!

We do it all the time! Why not accessorize our nails a bit!

So here were a few ideas I found worth sharing. Your ideas are always welcome to us.  So go ahead girls, even if you are not the ‘nail-crazy’ type, it’s worth a shot.

Make your hands a piece of art that the guys want to hold and the girls are wondering about! Heart Beating