Quick Easy and Trendy Sock Bun in 5 minutes

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Bored of the classic bun? Here’s a new simple sock bun and you don’t need to worry about the texture and thickness of your hair to make this one. You’ve seen this on celebrities, on the runway and now you’ll see it in your own mirror!

1. Choose a sock that matches your hair color. Something in thin material and good elasticity is recommended. Cut off the toe area of the sock and roll it to make a doughnut.


2. Make a ponytail. If you want a top crown to make the pony high or alternatively you can make a low bun.


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3. Pull your ponytail up out of the hole of the sock doughnut. Roll down the sock and wrap your hair around it. Keep doing it till you reach the base of your ponytail.


4. Secure your bun with bobby pins and spread the hair in a way that the sock is not visible.  You can pull out a strand or two if you don’t want a neat look. Though my personal favorite is the neat meaty bun.


5. You can wear this bun to your office. This goes just right with the formals. Or wear it for a cocktail party or just a casual lunch with your friends!