Promotion…How to Share this Big News with Colleagues

At last you got the promotion you were dreaming of. New office and pay raise are definitely a reason for you to celebrate. You are no longer among those slaves who have to report to a person you probably don’t like. What do you expect from your co-workers at this point…… baking you a cake? Forget it! Nothing of this kind is going to happen.  In fact, your promotion is liable for antipathy, jealousy and anger among your former co-workers, who think they are better fit for the position you’re promoted to. Management for them is a reflection of ‘ENEMY’.

Managing relationships at workplace after a promotion is tough, challenging and not easy at all. But, big thanks to those verified techniques to make your journey from being a team member to a team leader a trouble-free.

Don’t Announce Your Promotion

Control your desperation. You are on cloud number nine but by announcing your promotion on your own, you might disturb your equation with your former co-workers. Wait for your hiring- manager or boss to break your promotion news. Patience, until your team members listen from your boss mouth about your move as a team leader from a team member.

Welcome Coworkers Suggestions

Don’t go for shooting stars while making your very first management decision. Instead, welcome and evaluate the suggestions that your coworkers offer you. Then, look for a simple change to which everyone agrees and accepts. Your decision is to be welcoming by all to improve everyone’s morale and productivity. And remember; don’t forget to give credit to a coworker by name when you go announcing the decision taken.

Separate Professional And Personal Relationships

Your former coworkers are your good friends. What to do in this situation? Things get really tricky in this case. The best way to deal with it is by separating your professional and personal relationships. On some level, you need to do this. By this, I do not mean you stop hanging out with them. It’s just when you’re in office, you need to treat all your team-members professionally and equally.

After trying all above mentioned techniques, you still experience backbiting and gossiping on your raise in position, nothing to be worried off. In this case, go for head -on discussion. Identify the disgruntled and displeased groups and hear them out. Seek their suggestions and consider their complaints honestly to alleviate tensions.

Incorporate techniques and enjoy your promotion.

Good Luck!