Product Review – Maybelline Make up Remover (Eye and Lip)

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Any girl who loves makeup would know the importance of a good make up remover. Makeup definitely adds to your charm, but if you don’t remove it properly, it may result contrary in the longer run. Earlier I used to use Lakme Cleanser  to remove my makeup, but then it stings really bad in the eye, so I finally picked up Maybelline’s makeup remover for my eyes and lips. Maybelline is a brand I trust coz its products have never failed me.

Let’s see how it works:

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Price: Rs. 215 for 70ml pack and Rs. 125 for 40ml.

What it Claims:

  • “Efficient and easy: This formula instantly removes all eye and lip makeup, even waterproof and non transfer.
  • Gentle: Formulated for sensitive eyes, it is especially very gentle for the delicate skin around eyes.”

Ingredients :


How to Use: Shake well before use. Soak a cotton pad with the lotion and apply on your eyes and lips. Wipe gently. This makeup remover is only for eyes and lips, and not for the whole face. You must clean the face with a cleansing milk, or olive oil.

My Experience with It


Packaging: It comes in a transparent plastic bottle, which looks kinda cute with the half blue and half aqua liquid showing through it. It has a plastic stopper under the lid, which is pierced enough to dab the cotton. It’s travel friendly.

Product: I think it’s one of the best and economic ones. As it claims it’s very gentle. While removing the eye makeup, there’s a good chance that some of it would seep into the eye. But it’s so gentle that it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s almost like water. It removes makeup immediately, and I am talking about waterproof makeup here. You need to pour very little on a cotton pad, and wipe your eyes and lips for a couple of times. No need to go rough or rub it in. just swipe gently and it’d take all the makeup away.

Here, see for yourself!

You have to shake it well before you use it so that the formulation gets mixed up and work.


Here, I’ve applied Lakme Eyeconic waterproof eye liner, Oriflame Kohl, Maybelline super stay 14hr. lipstick, and color bar lipstick on my hand.


Now, I dab just a little makeup remover on this cotton pad. In fact, I spilled a little more than what was required. So basically, you need very little of it.


Just two swipes and that too gentle ones, and this is what you get… not even a trace of makeup!


What I like about it

  • Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested.
  • Very gentle on the eyes and lips
  • A very small quantity gets used up
  • Removes makeup instantly
  • Effective on waterproof makeup
  • One bottle lasts for at least two to three months if you are regular with makeup. (I am talking about the 70ml bottle, which I have). If you use makeup occasionally, I’d suggest you to go for the 40ml pack.
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Odorless
  • It contains oil as well, so after removing the makeup, the oil keeps the eyes nourished.

What I Don’t Like about It

There’s nothing I don’t like about this product.


Absolutely yes!