Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Feminiya accumulates, uses, shares and protects information about you, when you make use of the Feminiya website. Hopefully, this information will boost your confidence in our Site and augment your experience on Feminiya. By using the Site, you imply that you consent to abide by this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. If you don’t consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy, terminate your membership (if you are a registered user) or discontinue the use of the Service or the Site.


Feminiya is a leading community destination that permits female members to create unique personal profiles, create an online network of other women, and join in discussions and gossiping. The Site members can interact with old friends, view the profile of others, create new friends and groups, comment on blog posts, share photos, and much more. In order to enhance the experience of our members, we request and put on view some personal information to the visitor and other members. It permits our users to recognize each other, and increase their network of friends. Members of the Site, at any time, can amend their profile information, and can control who can view certain personal information, and can manage how Feminiya and other members can interact with them.


From Members

Feminiya accumulates information from you, when

  1. You register with our Site.
  2. Update your profile.
  3. Communicate with non-members and members.
  4. Use several features of our Site.


To get registered with the Site, you need to provide your name, email address, and choose a screen name and password. You can add information to your profile, once you are registered.

Feminiya also gather information about your activities on the Site, including your use of the Site and communication with other users. Infrequently, we may request you to act in response to surveys or other similar requests for information. We accumulate information from you, when you partake in promotions or other sweepstakes, offered on our Site. We may also amass information about you via other methods, including information we obtain from third parties (including data services or verification services), research surveys or public sources.


From All Users

We gather information from all visitors of the Site by using several methods, like widgets, cookies, weblogs, web beacons and other similar methods. Cookies, utilized by us on the Site, include persistent cookies, ID cookies, or more enhanced and advanced technology, like media Stamp or HTML 5. As you close your browser, a session ID cookie gets expired. However, a persistent cookie remains for an extended time period on your hard drive. By following the directions, given in “help” file of your Internet browser, you can delete or remove persistent cookies. To avoid cookies from being set on your computer, configure your browser. You can use the Site, even if you reject the cookies, but it will restrict your ability to access some areas of the Site, and you will also not be able to use various features of the Site, including entering contests or sweepstakes.


Other technologies and similar cookies are utilized by our partners, including Flash cookies (a form of persistent cookies), technically known as ‘Local Shared Objects’ (LSOs). Flash cookies are set in Adobe Flash Player through a mechanism. With the help of Flash cookies, you can store your data at various places and can also restore it, once deleted. To get updated information on ‘how to delete Flash cookies’, check with the site of your browser. If you use Media Stamp or HTML5 technologies, which have a local storage feature, you can quick access to a site, upon a return visit. Currently, some desktop browsers and mobile devices support HTML5. Browser’s “cookies” file doesn’t store HTML5 Media Stamp data.

Our e-mail newsletters and web pages of our Site comprises of web beacons (also called as pixel tags). These web beacons help us and our partners to calculate the number of users, who have opened a newsletter or visited a web page. The information, we accumulate through the site is not limited to, but includes:

  • The Internet address, you used to get linked to our Site.
  • The unique IP address of the computer and the browser, you used to access our Site.
  • Browsing and usage habits on the Site.
  • The operating system of your computer.

To accumulate information regarding your purchasing habits, browsing and engagement on other internet websites and our Site, we and our partners also utilize pixels, cookies and other technologies.

Additionally, search functionality is offered by the Site. The searches, conducted on the site, are collected by us and this information is combined with other information from such user.


For purpose of this Privacy Policy, the information collected by us, which is related with a single member or user, or combined cumulatively is termed as “Data”. We store Data no longer than required by law or for legal business purposes.


General Use of SiteThe Data (which includes personally identifiable or non-personally identifiable information in both individual and aggregated forms) collected by us is used to provide support and advertising to the Site. This Data is used and processed by us for the purposes in accordance with this Privacy Policy including, but not limited to:

  • Measure, improve and customize the Site optimization and design, and advertising and the content offered through it, which involves development and research.
  • Put into effect our Terms of Service, and detect illegal activities and other frauds.
  • Update any tools or programs, provided by us, in conjunction with the Site.
    • Assess potential insertion in the influencer program of the Site.
    • Acquaint you about the amendments in this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service and the Site, and other terms that are applicable to our Site.
    • Acquaint you about new services or products offered by us or other companies (we use to work with), as well as about promotional offers that are based on your preference settings.

Additionally, we may merge the Data, gathered by us, with similar Data, provided by third parties, for similar purposes. This Data is used by us to create a better user experience and a better site, as well as to collect wide demographic information, to analyze trends, to track user movement in the aggregate, and to help troubleshoot and diagnose server malfunctions.

This Data may be utilized by us in these forms for internal business purposes, like:

  • Determining the most popular search queries.
  • Determining the most popular services and content among the Site users.
  • Determining the traffic received by the certain portions of the Site.
  • For assessment of service levels and license reporting.
  • To gauge traffic patterns.
  • To better understand how the Site is used.

This Data enable us to determine how visitors use our Site and measure the effectiveness of our advertising. It allows us to learn what kind of offers our members like to view, what pages attract our visitors and which are the most interesting parts of our Site.

Cookies are used by us to cater and track the interests of users, to customize the content of various sections of the Site, to enhance the experience of the users on the Site, and to differentiate users from the members of the Site. For example, we may utilize such Data to send you targeted communications and other offers, or to determine which articles or blogs to recommend to you.

Information, regarding registration of a member, may be used by us to verify that you are authorized to manage your account or use the Site.

When You Register- You create your own privacy settings and profile, when you register with Feminiya. In order to allow you to link with all the users of Feminiya and members of the Site, your profile information (including photo and screen name) is put on view exactly as specified in your privacy settings. Unless you use your real name as your screen name, it will never be exhibited on the Site. But, in those emails that you “send to a friend”, your real name will be included. You can select to permit non-Member and Members to hunt for you by using your real name or most other information entered by you in your profile.

You can set most of the information in your profile, provided by you to Feminiya, to be seen by no one, friends only, members only or by all users of the Site. However, certain personal information (specifically your photo and screen name) can’t be hidden and is displayed for all users. Besides, this information may display in the results of searches, conducted on Internet search engines, as it is displayed publicly on the Site.

Feminiya members can find other members with similar interests by utilizing the search functionality on the Site. To find out more about other members, you can see their personal profile and other information, they have decided to share.

Sharing of Information- To deliver parts of the Site to you, we take assistance of third parties. Portions of your Data (including non-personally identifiable information) can be shared by us to these third parties to the extent, so that they can provide these services. Without your permission, we will not provide your personally identifiable information to these third parties.

Weblog data and other similar non-personally identifiable information Data can also be shared by us with third parties. For example, Traffic data for the Site can be shared with a third party, which publishes and analyzes Website traffic surveys.

Posts to the Site can be viewed either by group members only (as decided by the Group Owner), all users of the Site or members only. Feminiya tries to keep up with the privacy setting of each group (as determined by the Group Owner). Internet search engines, like Google can also collect these posts.

You may authorize Facebook or other Internet sites to access and publish some of your Data (which also includes your activity on the Site) on their websites.

Advertisements- On your request, advertisements may be delivered to you by us or our partners via third party sites or the Site. Details are given below.


In order to determine what type of ad to display to you on the Sites, we may utilize your Data (if you are a member), notwithstanding where we collected such information. Additionally, demographic information, such as gender, age, and ZIP code can be send to our advertising partners, so that they can provide you with more relevant ads.

Contextual Advertising

Whether you are a registered or a non-registered user of our Site, ads will be automatically delivered to you, by us or our advertising partners, on the basis of non-personal information, including:

  • Location data from your mobile phone or IP address related with your computer to determine your geographic location.
  • The type of web page (such as contest page or news page) that is being displayed.
  • The browser that you are utilizing.
  • The content on the page, which is displayed, like a news article regarding a certain film.
  • The computer brand or/and the operating system that you are utilizing.
  • If you are a mobile user, the cellular network that you are utilizing.

This advertising activity is purely contextual and is automatically applicable to all users.

Interested-Based Advertising

Click here, to get more information on how Feminiya utilize several technologies to feature ads, pertinent to your interests.

Sale of Assets or BusinessIn the case that Feminiya, a business line, or all of its assets is disposed of or sold as a going concern, either through sale of assets, merger or other means, or in the case of receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy, both personally and non-personally identifiable information may be one of the assets merged or sold in association with that deal. In relation with a commercial deal, where Feminiya or an affiliate is in quest of funding, support, investment or financing, information associated with our members may also require to be unveiled.

Posts, Photos, and Videos- You can share your personal content as a Feminiya member. Remember, your personally identifiable information may be accessible to the non-members and members of the Site, if you use any of these features, and Feminiya has no obligation on how those users may utilize your information.

MonitoringFeminiya has no obligation, but have the right to monitor any content and activity linked with the private and public forums, including interactive areas on our Site and in-Site member emails. For gathering more information about your appropriate utilization of these areas, review our Terms of Service.

Feminiya MobileTo access several features of Feminiya Mobile, when you provide your mobile number to us, you consent that this constitutes an application, purchase or/and inquiry for reasons of telemarketing laws. Despite of the fact that your mobile number may be listed with your State Do-Not-Call list, or the Federal Do-Not-Call Registry, this notifies your approval of authorizing us to contact you on regular basis, in lieu of the business association between us, based on the information provided by you. This implies that we may contact you, by recorded message or in person, via text (SMS) message, mobile/telephone number (including use of automated dialling device), e-mail, or other means of communication, supported by your telecommunication or wireless equipment.

We will send you our newsletters and emailFrom time to time; you may receive emails and announcements related to service by Feminiya. For example, you may get an alert email, if a friend sends you a message. Your information can also be utilized to send you communications, e-newsletters and updates in relation to Feminiya. You can tell us your newsletter preference, which you can alter any time by

  1. Clicking on the “Privacy+Settings” button, provided throughout the Site.
  2. Opting out of receiving future emails as explained at the bottom of each communications from Feminiya.

Sweepstakes and PromotionsIn conjunction with a sponsor, we offer promotions and other sweepstakes, occasionally. Your participation in a promotion infers that you agree to the terms and conditions of the promotion and permit us to share your personal identifiable information with a specific sponsor, if required.

Third Party OffersThrough a relationship with a third party, we may provide you special services or products, occasionally. In such cases, Feminiya will bring to you the offer and the third party will fulfil it. Your acceptance of the offer means that you will become a customer of the company that fulfils the offer and Feminiya will not have control on their utilization of the personal identifiable information, provided by you to them, while accepting the offer.

Invite a FriendAs a member, you can not only enjoy the membership benefits, but also invite other persons to join by providing their email addresses and first names to us. On the basis of this information, an invitation email will be send to them to join Feminiya. We don’t utilize this information for other purposes. These persons can become members only by visiting the Site and signing up themselves.

Safety and Legal MattersAny information, like communications that you have received or sent, or any other information about you or your account can be accessed and disclosed by Feminiya, as may be required or permitted by law (including but not limited to subpoena or court order), or to investigate or prevent breach of our Terms of Service, suspected fraud, or any activity that according to us is illegitimate or may put us into legal liability. In addition, your information may be disclosed in case of emergencies that involve potential threat to the physical safety of any property or person (if we deem that your information, in any way, links to the threat).


Feminiya comprises of links to other sites. Possibly, you may get information directly from companies or our partners, if you visit their websites directly or access them via a link provided on the Site. Any data that you provide to these partners on their site, either to buy products or obtain information is out of our reach. It will be the obligation of each of the linked-to entities. Feminiya has no responsibility for the content or privacy practices of these sites or any other websites referenced on or linked to our Site.


SecurityOur systems have several layers of security. Hardware and software security, including private networks, data encryption, and firewalls have been implemented by us, to safeguard your personally identifiable information from illicit and unauthorized access. Intrusion-detection devices and firewalls, used by us, are designed to protect against hackers and inform us of any attempts that are made to imperil our network. To improve our security measures, additional software upgrades are reviewed by us regularly. Regardless of our efforts, no guaranty is provided in relation to unauthorized access to your personally identifiable information, and if you use the Site, it implies that you are prepared to take this risk.


A Note to Users Based Outside India- Currently, our computer systems are based in India, therefore, we will process your personally identifiable information in India, where privacy regulations and data protection may be different than other countries of the world. You will have to consent to our Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, when you create an online account to utilize the Site as a visitor from outside India. You will have agreed to processing of and transfer to all such information in India, which may not provide an equal level of protection as in other countries.


Children’s PrivacyFeminiya doesn’t support or encourage visitation or participation by children. Visitors under the age of 16 are forbidden from becoming members of Feminiya. We knowingly don’t accumulate personally identifiable information from under 16 children.


Updating Your Personal InformationIf you are a member of Feminiya, you can alter or update your personally identifiable information just by clicking on the “Privacy + Settings” link, provided throughout the Site. As per this Privacy Policy, we can’t delete or update your personally identifiable information that you have shared with a third party.




Changes to the Privacy PolicyInfrequently, this Privacy Policy may be changed by us. We will post the latest version of the Privacy Policy on the Site, and the “Effective Date” will be posted at the top of the Policy. Our Privacy Policy may be revised and updated, when technology changes or we change our practices or add new services to the existing ones. Reasonable opportunity will be given to you to agree to the changes, we make to our Privacy Policy or how your personal information is handled by us, or we are going to utilize any personal information in a different manner from that mentioned in our Privacy Policy, at the time of collection of such information. In case, you don’t agree, your information will be utilized as per the consented terms of the Privacy Policy at the time of obtaining that information. It will be deemed that you agree to our then-current Privacy Policy, if you use our Services or Site after the Effective Date. Previously obtained information will be utilized according to the Privacy Policy that was in effect when we obtained that information from you.


Contacting UsPlease contact us at [email protected], if you have any query about the practices of the Site or this Privacy Policy.