Prevent Diaper Rashes And Keep Your Child Diaper-Happy!

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A diaper rash to toddlers is what pimples are to teenagers! Unavoidable and irritates the hell out! They keep your little one annoyed at all times. You’ll find the baby crying when the diaper area is washed due to the burning that the diaper rash causes.

Here are some tips for new parents to prevent rashes and keep your toddler diaper-happy.

Change diapers frequently

Keep changing the diapers every now and then. The more often you change diapers there’s less risk of diaper causing irritation on the skin.

Wash often

Wash your baby’s bottom every time you change the diapers. Don’t use wipes that contain alcohol.

Pat dry

Use a soft towel to pat the skin try instead of rubbing the towel. Rubbing or scrubbing would further irritate the skin, so pat it dry softly.

Let the skin breathe

Try to keep your baby diaper free as much as possible. Fresh air is necessary for the skin. Don’t put on diapers when it’s not necessary.

Avoid tight diapers

Don’t tighten the diaper so much that the airflow becomes restricted. Extra tight diapers may chaff the thigh and waist skin as well.

Wash properly

If you use cloth diapers, wash the diapers properly with warm water. Soak the diaper before washing it and you can use antibacterial solution for the final wash.

Use ointment

Consider using ointment if your baby gets rashes often. Petroleum jelly is a tried and tested solution. Rub some petroleum jelly or zinc oxide before putting on diaper.

Clean and dry

That’s the way to it! Keep your baby’s skin as clean and dry as possible and don’t hesitate to consult doctor if the rash gets aggravated. You don’t want a troubled toddler, after all!

Happy parenting!