Pranic Healing

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You wish to heal? Here is your rescue. Pranic healing! This modality was invented by Chao Kok Sui and heals illnesses in the human body through prana, i.e. Energy. This is done by managing the energy field of the person. It draws focus on the energy body (like yoga and acupuncture) and not on the physical body. It is an ancient art and a form of science that has helped people heal in countless ways. The discipline works on the simple underlying fact that each individual is born with the innate ability to heal themselves. And, what pranic healing does is to simply enhance the process of healing by utilizing one’s life energy. The life force, which is known as ‘prana’ in Sanskrit, is the main source of energy.


For those of you, who are looking for peace and in search of attaining spirituality, pranic healing is your answer. It not only takes the mental, physical and emotional aspects of healing but also provides the right scope and training for those engaging in spiritual practice and looking for enlightenment through soul cleansing and realization. In later stages, there is all powerful God’s realization.

Rajesh Prajapati, a student and disciple of Chao wrote in Times of India, “The primary principle of pranic healing is utilizing the inherent energy prana or energy of life in all beings for self healing”.

There are many schools that teach Pranic Energy Healing and Pranic Healing, and the internet makes about two million mentions about this genre. In earlier times, the science was practiced secretly, and it is only recently that Chao, through his efforts made it this popular. The mystery that shrouded Pranic Healing previously was due to the belief that the vital life forces might be misdirected or misused, by the selfish practitioners for their own vested interests or towards attacking the others. Despite all the limitations, it has been practiced by Indian Rishis, Tibetan Monks, Egyptian Priests and Chinese Taoists.

Pranic Healing makes use of ancient knowledge and is an assortment of practices. These include Prana Therapy, Yoga Prana Vidya, Prana Yoga Vidya, Prana Therapy, Prana Chiktsa, which are a part of the Traditional Medicine of China. It primarily involves the “Do In” in Japanese Tradition and the “Laying on of hands” in the Chine tradition. One of the vital features of Prana Treatment is that during the session of healing, the practitioner never touches his/her client. The practices take inspiration from many cultures and India’s early Vedic Literature is also one of them.


It balances or heals one’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being without even touching the client’s flesh or body. The basic concept is that prana can be useful in aligning, rebalancing and normalizing the movement of energy inside an individual’s body or the environment he lives in to assist him in all the important spheres of life. In better detail, it means that if the energy of a definite part is normalized, regular normal function can be quickly restored.

The benefits from this genre have been witnessed, by a vast majority of people in innumerable ways, such as, improving one’s physical well being, enhancing one’s mental and emotional state, living in harmony with oneself and one’s environment and increasing one’s spiritual growth. Overall, it increases your happiness, health and wealth.

Introduce pranic healing in your life and observe the changes. It is definitely worth all the effort.