Possible Cosmetic Surgeries

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has become a culture. The demand for facial and body surgeries is on surge.  It is a means of not only altering image of our body but also shaping our psyches. The psyche reshapes when the body is sculpted.  It is believed that if we understand our body as unshaped or bad, we tend to be unhappy. And being unhappy is identified as a state of “sickness”. If we are sick, we need to be cured, need a treatment for the illness! The idea of cosmetic surgery is that it alters the body form and cures the soul.

Following cosmetic procedures exist that will help you to improve your appearances, reinvent yourself and strengthen self-esteem-

Facial Cosmetic Surgeries

1. Rhytidectomy(Face-lift)


To tighten the neck and jowls.

2. Forehead Lift


To get the forehead tightened and the brow raised.

3. Rhinoplasty(Nose -Jobs)

Rhinoplasty nose

To alter the appearance, look of the nose.

4. Blepharoplasty(Eyelid Tightening)


To tighten the eyelid.

5. Facial Implants


To give more prominent looks to chin or cheek.

6. Octoplasty(ear pin-back)


To bring ears more closely to the head.

7. Scar Revision


To improve appearance of scars.

8. Hair Transplantation


To treat male pattern baldness.

9. Skin Resurfacing(peel, laser, dermabrasion)


To smoothen the skin.
Body Cosmetic Surgery

1. Mastopexy (Breast tightening)


To tighten the breast skin.

2. Breast Enlargement


To get the size of the breast enhanced.

3. Beast Reduction


To reduce the size of breast.

4. Mini-Abdominoplasty

tummy fat surgery1

To remove the pouching of the lower abdomen.

5. Abdominoplasty


To remove the extra fat and tighten the skin. It is also called ‘tummy tuck’.

6. Liposuction


Done to take out extra fat.

7. Gynecomastia Resection


To reduce breast size in men.

8. Arm Lift


To tighten the skin of upper- arms.

Remember, cosmetic surgery should be your personal choice and done for yourself.Don’t get it done to fulfill others’ desires or to fit an ideal picture.