Pisces: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(February 19 – March 20)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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You will meet someone, who shall make you feel special. Eligible singles are going to mingle, this year. Those already in a relationship are likely to strengthen their bonding. Mutual understanding will increase between the couples and the conflicts will get resolved. Overall, love life of the Pisceans will be satisfactory, peaceful and harmonious.


It’s the best time to widen your horizons on the professional front. This year seems to be very good, especially for the service class people. You can attain new positions and earn more money. A new partnership in business will reap you rewarding benefits. Evade from investing in the stock market.


No major health issues are predicted for the Pisceans. However, due to emotional turmoil, you might get severely affected. You are likely to face seasonal disorders and minor health issues. Still, you need to be very cautious about your fitness.

Domestic and Home Life

Bonding with parents will get strengthened. Your wish of purchasing a new house might get fulfilled. Your friends and family members will remain supportive to you. You will enjoy outings with your family.

Lucky Number– 17
Lucky Months– January, February, June and October
Lucky Colour– Light Grey

Month wise Horoscope 2013


Understand your priorities at the workplace. Any imbalance in your career and marital life may distort the harmony. You will not get fruitful results if you invest at this point of time. Students can do better by balanced approach and hard work. To remain agile and active, eat the right kind of food.
Lucky Colour– Yellow
Lucky Number– 1


Job-seekers will find several lucrative opportunities. On a professional front, your boss will appreciate you. From a financial point of view, this month is good for Pisceans. You may get quality time to strengthen the bond with your spouse. Overall health will remain good.
Lucky Colour– Light Blue
Lucky Number– 11


You may enter into joint ventures or business partnerships. Your earnings will increase. You will get success in achieving your career goals. Singles may find love opportunities. No health issues are predicted.
Lucky Colour– Green
Lucky Number– 6


Past investments in stocks may help you to reap lucrative dividends. Someone’s advice may do you good. Your special someone is likely to accept your proposal. Family members will support you to get success in your professional life. Social status may rise. Health will remain satisfactory.
Lucky Colour– Indigo
Lucky Number– 22


You might have to choose a shortcut to meet a deadline at work. This whole month, you will remain busy. You will hardly get time to spend with your lover. On the financial front, someone’s advice will bring in gains. Don’t skip workouts and exercise.
Lucky Colour– Cream
Lucky Number– 3


On the professional front, a lot of good opportunities are likely to come your way, so be prepared to grab them. Your earnings will increase. You may enjoy an exciting vacation with your beloved. Manage your fitness routine.
Lucky Colour– Forest Green
Lucky Number– 5


You might have to take some crucial financial decisions. You will get financial support from your parents and family. Good interaction skills will boost your career. You will be appreciated for your work ethic. Domestic life will remain peaceful. Pay more attention to your stomach and heart.
Lucky Colour– Lavender
Lucky Number– 6


Your love life needs a compromise. Opposite perspectives on matters may lead to a conflict between you and your partner. Changes in job conditions are likely to come your way. Mull over on your investments. You might face minor health problems.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 4


Previous investments will bring you lucrative returns. Your professional reputation will rise. Stars predict travel. You will be appreciated for your innovative ideas. Cultivate your social skills. You will get success in your efforts to make money. Those, who are unwell, will recover soon.
Lucky Colour– Purple
Lucky Number– 18


Don’t advertise your emotions; it will make you seem weak. Don’t load your work responsibilities to someone else. Students are advised not to be over-smart as it will affect your reputation. You would get support from your family members. Change your health regime to remain fit.
Lucky Colour– Deep Sky Blue
Lucky Number– 2


Your boss is likely to implement some of your suggestions at work. Cut down your expenses. Your social contacts will help you to grow financially. Be more patient with your dearly loved. Health will remain delicate.
Lucky Colour– Orange
Lucky Number– 11


Financial worries may bother you. Put extra efforts to finish the project in the given time frame; otherwise it will affect your career progress. Dramatic events may take place in your domestic life. You need to be more watchful towards your health.
Lucky Colour– Red
Lucky Number– 3