Pintura Highlights: 15 Fetching Looks for Curly Haired Divas

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Pintura highlights have made it big on the fashion board this time and most women want to go for them this season. The usual highlights and lowlights are quite mainstream while Pintura hair highlights are a refreshing trend. Every single curl is dyed individually creating a fun and dramatic look overall.

Gone are the times for boring and unattractive hairstyles since there is a renovation in the fashion industry every day. Say goodbye to those dull and low-profile hairstyles by adding a little Pintura magic to them.


Amazing Hairstyles with Pintura Highlights

Here are 15 loveliest and most fun hairstyles sporting Pintura highlighted hairstyles that you can try.

1. Asian Highlights

pintura highlights on curly hair

These coiled diva curls are a fashionable and trendy way to uplift your appeal and charm this season. The blonde Pintura highlights on natural black curly hair seems quite realistic.

The fun doesn’t end here, just let your hair be loose and be that cool gal that you have always wanted to be viewed as. The side parting makes the curls bouncier which make sure that you never go unnoticed.


2. Loose Ringlets with Gold Highlights

golden pintura highlights

Want all your Instagram followers to go gaga over your lovely hair? Well, here is just the right thing for you. The loose curly rings have the natural base of black made sexier with the gold Pintura hair highlighting which makes you look like a true Hollywood queen. The freestyle of the hair is an even cooler touch to it which everyone is going to appreciate and get impressed.


3. Honey Highlights with Berry Curls

honey blonde pintura highlights

Why bear with mousy browns when you can liven up your hair with a dash of these honey highlights? The berry curls are a new trend too which does not need excessive heating treatments. These natural curls are all the way cute and chic when it comes to having the most natural and energy boosting hairstyle.


4. Golden Highlighted Permed Hair

pintura highlights on curly perm hair

Having straight hair and flat ironing it every day is exhaustive, isn’t it? So, forget all that repetitive straightening and get your hair permed to enjoy styling your hair. The golden Pintura highlights on dark brown base are so lovely and attractive that you are going to be the most popular person in your workplace with them.


5. Deva Cut with Face Framing Highlights

pintura highlights on natural curly hair

If there is one haircut which is made specifically for curly hair, it is deva cut for it accentuates all the details in the twisting curls. The curls become even more pronounced with the natural chocolate brown highlights with Pintura technique. These highlights get you just the right classy appeal that you want so that you do not look over the top.


6. Textured Curls

Curly hair does not always have to be long and sleek. They can be short and messy too, can’t they? The lovely short rings are beautified by the brown highlights which makes them more fun and cooler. A middle parting gives you even more funky and bouncy curls which become more textured.


7. Short Curls with Blonde Highlights

This cute mess of short curls is all that you need to bring out the lively energy in you that keeps waiting to come out. The blonde highlights add more texture and volume to the sporty curls lighting them up. These are the most stylish and cool hairstyle that teens and adults can rock without any inhibitions.


8. Blonde Pintura Highlights

Long blonde curly hair has a beauty and inherent charm which makes up for any other hairstyling details. These Pintura blonde highlights on black hair are so contrasting and refreshing that you have to try them. The easy coolness and sultry looks that come with it are seductive and charming beyond your imagination.


9. Afro Curls

Afro hair is adorable when cutting short, but a touch of Pintura highlighted blonde hair can go a long way in making it cuter. The base is left black while the tips of the curls are given blonde highlights. This contrasting hairstyle is adding mystery and austere charm to your personality leaving a lot to guess.


10. Gold Messy Curls

pintura highlights on natural hair

Natural curls are the easiest to style every day since they do not need any heating treatments as part of a daily hair care routine. With these messy golden curls, you do not have to worry about getting your hair tangled or frizzed out. The wilder the curls the more fun and devilish beauty you get to have.


11. Vintage Textured Hair

Vintage hairstyles have an unbeatable class and hotness that is hard to fall for. This textured hair is beautified even further with Pintura hair highlights on each curl. The hair is set around wildly to show your rebellious and unrelenting side. This is exactly what you need to show the true colors of your feisty spirit.


12. Intermingling Highlights

There is hardly anything as contrasting as black and blonde hair, but this lovely hairstyle has these two contrasting colors intermingling so well. The blonde highlights merge amazingly with the brown curly hair that you are left in awe of the way there is no telling where black ends and blonde begins.


13. Short Multi-colored Hair Highlights

Pintura highlighted hairstyles are so epic that you might not want to stop at having only one shade of highlights. You do not have to worry about that since you can unwind your imagination and have as many different shades of highlights as you want.


14. Blonde Luscious Curls

blonde pintura highlights on curly hair

Natural curls are something to be proud of since they bring an untamed and free-spirited side to your personality. The easy luscious curls are the perfect hair type to embrace the Pintura highlights magic.


15. Brown Highlights on Black Hair

brown pintura highlights on short afro hair

Afro hair looks the cutest in black, but the added brown highlights make it even funnier. The highlights are very widely spaced and have the right raw wild appealing aura that is going to make you cooler.


Pintura highlights are the chicest and funky hairstyle that you need to show the real you to the world, so why not try them?