7 Majestic Pink Highlights for Brown Haired Gals

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Pink highlights on brown hair are a relatively new but widely spreading trend. The two contrasting colors are a perfect match for each other when you want something chic and unconventional. Pink is a girl’s best friend and pink hair is just something which is a dream of many. The lovely pink highlights make you love your hair and yourself so much that you will never want them to fade out.


The Best Brown Hairstyles with Pink Highlights

Since we are talking about how lovely pink highlights look on brown hair why not just look at some amazing examples?

1. Face Framing Highlights

pink highlights on brown hair

The wavy ends with straight sleek hair look amazing and the pop of pink makes them drool-worthy. The chic and youthful pink highlighted brown hairstyle is going to be your best decision this year since it has all the right feels of a fashionista. The touch of blonde could bring more charm and detail to it which you cannot get enough of.


2. Light Caramel Brown Wavy Hair

Light Caramel Brown Wavy Hair with Pink Highlights

If there is one hairstyle which flaunts pink highlights in brown hair in all the twisting angles it is feathered curls. They are so much fun to have and rock that all the women are going to come rushing to you for hairstyle advice. You can finally have the shiny pink princess hair that you have always wanted with this hairstyle.


3. Permed Hair with Bangs

dark brown hair with pink highlights

The medium length hair is permed around the edges making luscious and hot curls while the bangs at the front make it chic. You are going to be the prettiest and most stylish girl in your gal’s circle with this one.


4. Short Loose Curls

pink highlights on copper brown hair

Short curly hair with bangs is the most fun hair to have pink highlights in. The ringed loose curls take up pink highlights in brown locks so well that it is hard to resist complementing them.

Want to be the most popular girl at work or at school? Go for this super-hot and impressive hairstyle and you will be the ultimate fashionista there.


5. Beach Waves

light brown wavy hair with pink highlights

Beach waves hardly ever get less hot or less fashionable, so why not make their charm immortal by adding pink highlights to brown hair? You will look endearing and adorable with these waves, so go get them, girl!


6. Gentle Medium Waves

dark brown hair with bright pink highlights

Wavy brown hair has an undeniable cool aura which is hard to overlook. The turns in the hair are all more vivid and sexy with bright pink highlights which make sure that every eye follows your hair. The pink highlighted brown hair cut to a medium length so that there is a perfection about it making you so incredibly beautiful that you will fall in love with yourself even more.


7. Brown Curls with Pastel Pink Highlights

Brown Hair with Pastel Pink Highlights

This lovely and awe-worthy hairstyle is what the girls of this age need to look cool with class. The U shape of the hair makes it even more adorable and the pink highlights are just the right shade to merge with brown hair.


Pink highlights in brown hair is an unconventional hairstyle, but it looks so chic and hip that you must try it.