5 Fascinating Updo Hairstyles with Pin Curls

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Pin curl updos are a great way to take your hairstyle to the next level, especially if you’re getting ready for an occasion like a wedding or a formal party! They look absolutely gorgeous and stunning. However, hairdressers may charge you an excessively high amount to style them.

Therefore, you should try styling them at home in order to save yourself the trouble and cost of going to a parlor, but if you’re styling them for a special occasion, then you shouldn’t take any risk and you should go to your hairdresser!

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Best Pin Curled Updo Hairstyles

Here are 5 pin curl updo styles for women that you can try:

1. Wedding Style

Wedding Pin Curl Updo

This updo style with pin curled hair is ideal for weddings and other formal occasions. You should even consider getting this brown highlights on black hairstyle at your own wedding because it’s so elegant and classy! It would look great with a white dress as well. Moreover, since the hair is all tied here, you don’t have to worry about flyaways and maintaining your hair.


2. Pin Curl with Flowers and Pearls

Pin Curl Updo with Flowers and Pearls

This pin curl updo style looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous! It will have your significant other stunned. Consider getting this hairstyle on your wedding day because it looks amazing and classy. You should get this done by a hairdresser because it’s a rather complicated fantasy hairstyle.

The added flowers and pearls make the hairstyle look extremely classy and graceful. You can also notice that there are peacock feathers too here. It’s optional for you to add them but if you do so, you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous!


3. Updo for Short Curly Hair with Bangs

Pin Curl Updo for Short Hair

This short pin curled updo is a bold look that gives off strong and independent vibes! Don’t be afraid to try this hairstyle because it will look absolutely stunning on all hair colors! Here, too, you can add flowers and pearls to enhance the look of the style, but that’s entirely up to you!


4. Messy Updo with Bardot Bangs

Messy Pin Curl Updo for Women

This messy updo style is gorgeous, to say the least! It looks great with hair that has been dyed. Avoid getting this hairstyle on jet black hair because the updo for pin curls won’t be that prominent with black hair. Consider getting your hair dyed so that you can truly get this wonderful brown curly hair look!


5. Side Bun

Pin Curl Updo with a Side Bun

The side bun here looks absolutely mesmerizing! You can add pearls or little flowers to enhance the look of the bun or you can leave it simple like it’s shown in the picture above.

If you want this plum brown hairstyle, you should go to a hairdresser because it’s a rather complicated pin curly haired updo style that will require accurate skills and precision. However, the end result is definitely worth the price you’ll have to pay!


So, what are you waiting for? Try out these pin curl updos for women the next time you need to go to a formal event and need a hairstyle that’s unique, classy and gorgeous! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair!