10 Unbeatable Pigtail Buns That Grab Instant Attention

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Pigtail buns have been the cutest and funkiest hairstyle around for a long, long time. They are so cute and attractive that you can hardly ever go amiss when you go somewhere sporting them. The twin buns are so lovely and endearing that they make you instantly adorable no matter your age since they are so cute.


Cute Bun Pigtail Hairstyles

The way that pigtail buns stand out on your head is so amazing and noticeable that you become the center of attention in all gatherings and parties. Here are 10 unbeatable buns with pigtails which are going to grab away all the attention at any place.

1. Honey Brown Buns

Honey Brown Pigtail Buns

Who wants to go for a plain and dull hairstyle when pigtail buns are there to have fun? These buns are so easy to make as you just need to part your hair in two sections, roll them to sides and then secure them.

So, why not make this curly brown hairstyle your signature look this season? To add more coolness to these buns you can have a curved middle parting just like this and show people how unconventional and creative you are.


2. Simple and Cute

girl with cute pigtail buns

Sometimes we want to keep things simple and charming for which these jet-black bun pigtails are a perfect style. You cannot help feeling pretty and confident when you have all your hair pulled up in these cute little buns at the top. So, when you feel like having an adorable hairstyle but don’t want to invest too much time then go for it.


3. Afro Pigtail Buns

Afro Pigtail Buns

Afro hair has a unique texture to it which gets more flaunted when you put it in pigtails. The buns are small and cute, while some of the hair is let loose so that it falls gently. These buns are the coolest way of sporting a chic and trendy girly look when you have messy and curly hair.


4. Floral Buns

pigtail buns with flowers

These double buns are more stylish and attractive than others since they are at the very back of your head. They look even more amazing since even the hair at the back is parted from the middle which makes you relive your childhood. This adorable hairstyle can be beautified more with rings of flowers circling the buns.


5. Dusty Rose Gold Bun

rose gold pigtail bun

Plain black and brown hair are a thing of past for modern and attention loving girls of this era. These rose gold hair in pigtail buns make them pop and be more attractive.

You can fasten them with jeweled catchers to make them look even more stylish and prominent if you want to. Just make sure that you have some of your hair is loose too so that the whole look is balanced out.

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6. Braided Buns

The buns are adorable and cute on their own, but you can make them even funkier and lovely by adding some unique details to them. The fun braids in between the buns are so intricate and soft that you will love all the appreciative glances that people cast your way. This hairstyle is creative and modern as well as easy to make, so what else are you looking for?


7. Big Easy Buns

pigtail bun for girls

These simple yet adorable space buns are the true magic that is going to make your personality so charming and beautiful. The long fringes that frame the face at the front are classy and elegant while the buns themselves are beautiful and bold.

The hair is so well styled that you can feel your inner fashionista purring in satisfaction when all the people compliment you on your hairstyling talent.


8. Pink and Blue Buns

There are so many hair colors for short hair that you can play with then why restrict to your natural hair color only? This pink and blue dying pops your hair so well that you can just not be ignored with these colors.

The bun pigtails are secured more towards the back so that you do not overdo the cool punk vibe. So, why not make all the girls come to you for hair inspiration when you can easily be the styling expert with this one?


9. Glittered Buns

glittered pigtail buns

Why settle for a mousy and dull hairstyle when there is glitter to add sparkle to your hair and your life? These black piggy buns have glitter sprinkled on it which steals attention to you wherever you are. So, go ahead and try this one to have all the eyes glued to your lovely face and lovelier glittering hair.


10. Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

Pigtail Buns for Blonde Hair

Hair accessories can do wonders to complete your hairstyle with perfection. These butterfly clips are just the right things to make your twin buns even more chic and cute.


All these variations of pigtail buns are screaming to be tried on, so why don’t you just heed to them and try them?