Pick The Shade That Suits You Right

The first step towards picking your divine shade is to determine the tone of your skin. Everybody, has, at some point, bought a lipstick/lip colour that they’d loved at the store, but when it was actually time to show off your pout, your buy failed you miserably. Maybe because it didn’t match your outfit which in turn appeared in a cheap taste or most importantly, didn’t quite complement your complexion. Since the Indian skin tone is considered to be one of the best in the world, choosing your hue isn’t a grilling task as it appears to be.

For Fair Skin– Try shades of red (plum, wine and berry red), orange (brightest to peaches, both matte and glossy), pink (undertones, pale pinks). Browns and beige’s wouldn’t let you down either.

For Olive Skin– Avoid pink and orange as they highlight the yellow hint of your skin. Instead, go in for deep, rich reds and browns. A few shades of purple also look well.

For A Medium Or Wheatish Skin– Use shades that are caramel rich, coffee browns and certain shades of pink (mauve, magenta, wine and berry). Chocolate and coral are promising too.

For A Dark Complexion– Avoid bright orange. Red, plum, and everything with coffee undertones look great on this skin tone. Rusty and spicy hues must also be given a try.