Phone Bills………..No More A Shock


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Are you stuck with your phone bill? Is your high monthly phone charge giving you shock?  Now, you don’t have to hit by ‘Phone Shock’? Use the following suggested ways and help your pocket from burning.

Track Talking Time

Start keeping track of your conversations over phone. Don’t let yourself to go over minutes/hours each month. If you tend to lose track of time while talking, use phone that offers a facility of ‘drop call’. Call automatically gets disconnected after a set time period.

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Avail Bundle Services

Get all your services- cable/satellite, cell phone, home phone and Internet to one provider. By doing this, you may get to enjoy discounts of using bundled service from your provider.

Use Skype

Talking on cell-phone does cost high to a pocket, especially if it’s an International call. So, use Skype to talk whenever you’re on your computer or you can use it as a chat system. You can turn your computer into phone, using Skype. Calling to other Skype- users are free and very cheap on other phones. A headset and internet connection- the only two things that you need to make calls using Skype. If you’ve got a webcam, video-chatting can also be done. If your mobile-phone supports Skype application then avail the benefits of Skype calling on your cellular phone.

Go Pre-paid

Switch to prepaid plans if you occasionally make calls with your cell phone. Pre-paid service is the cheapest option with which you should definitely go to save your pocket on unnecessary charges that come with post paid services.  Also make use of tariff reduction plans for local, STD and group calling. Don’t forget to utilize full value or double value schemes on every recharge of your mobile phones.

Use the Plan that Family and Friends Use

Get the plan similar to that of your most called people. It will help you to save big. Service providers offer reduced calling charges on a similar network. Make the use of ‘Mobile Number Portability’ (MNP). By this you can change your service provider keeping the same number.

Get Unlimited Texting Plan

If texting is the mode of your interaction or staying in touch with your buddies, then unlimited texting message plan is the best option to choose. Texting without the plan will raise your phone bill even higher.

Rollover Minutes Plan

If you believe that a minute based plan works best to you, get the one so that you can rollover those un-used mins from month –to-month.

Pick the plan matching your phone habits

When do you make your most of the calls? On the weekend? In the early evening? Mid-day? Late night? Based on your phone habits, choose a plan that matches best to your calling habit.

To own a MOBILE PHONE is necessity, but using it still does not come cheap. Ensure you use the above mentioned ways to cut your cost of using mobile phones.