Peruvian Hairless Dogs: Know All about This Rarest Dog Breed!

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Today, we will present you with all the information that you need about the Peruvian Hairless Dog under this one page. One characteristic that stands out is that it is a totally hairless breed. Read on to know everything about it-


1.    The Peruvian Hairless Dog is called with various other names as well. These are Peruvian Inca Orchid Dielmatian and Perro Sin Pelo del Peru Inca Hairless Dog Viringo.

2.    It originated in the pre-Inca culture of Peru. It is representative of the Inca dog race in the archaeological sites and museums of Peru. Studies report that this breed of dog has been in existence since very ancient times, recommending that they may have subsisted in Peru even 700 years prior to Jesus Christ.

3.   The World Canine Organization has officially recognized the Peruvian Hairless Dog as a breed. It also declared the animal a national heritage of Peru.

4.   They come in 3 sizes-

  • Large, which is about 50 – 65 cm tall and weighs between 12 – 25 kg
  • Medium, which is 40 – 50 cm tall and weighs between 8 – 12 kg
  • Small, which is only about 25 – 40 cm tall weighs approximately 4 – 8 kg

5.    Their lips are wrinkled, and they usually have short hair on their head, feet and the tip of their tails. However, in Peru, breeders prefer the absolutely hairless variety.

6.    The Peruvian Hairless Dog also has unique colors. It can be elephant grey, chocolate brown, mottled or copper. They can either be in a uniform color or a singular color with spots of tongue-pink on them. Their skin is usually very pliable and soft.


7.    The temperament of this breed of dogs is very affectionate, though they can be distrustful of strangers. Typically friendly, alert and lively, they can be great with other dogs but may exhibit protective behavior as well. They thrive well with owners that are aware of dog’s language (and are a total treat for them). They cannot be recommended for strangers. Intelligent, calm and quick witted, they get well along with children.

8.    This canine cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. It is suggested that the owner keep it indoors, which protects it from the external environmental elements. In winters, you must drape it in a sweater while during summers, it should be allowed to live in a comfortable temperature. You must remember that since this breed does not have any hair, it is actually naked and needs protection from the weather. It has been noted that the smaller dogs are more susceptible to the cold than the larger dogs.

9.    The dogs from the Peruvian Hairless family need to be elegant and slim, with an inkling of harmony and force in them, and shouldn’t appear coarse. The ears, shaped as a candle flame should be erect, allowing the possibility for laying them flat. However, the ears require extra attention as they have a tendency to get dried, plus cracked in adverse weather conditions.


10.    Because this breed of dogs is hairless, they have a reputation of being trouble-free to wash, for keeping clean and remaining naturally unaffected of fleas and various other parasites. But, they do require grooming of a different kind. They should be washed without undue gaps as this removes the dirt from their skin and prevents the clogging of pores. Remember to protect it from the sun. If it has to go out in the sun, cover it with a good sunscreen. Baby cleaners that are free of lanolin are a good choice for moisturizing and cleansing your dog’s dry skin. At times, special oils are also used. Some dogs are also prone to have blackheads and acne. Special caution must be exercised with them. It also emits no body odor.

11.      An interesting fact to note here is that the genes that are known to cause hairlessness also make the dogs have fewer teeth. They mostly lack premolars and molars.

12.     Like every other breed of dog, the Peruvian Hairless Dog also suffers from certain health problems. This includes stroke, seizures, skin and dental problems. They are highly sensitive to toxins; therefore, prudence should be observed while using insecticides in their presence as they enter the body through their skin (their body fat is very low) and cause major damage to the GI tract and nervous system.

13.    These dogs do not drool or shed hair, and are absolutely great for people who are prone to allergies.

14.     Their life expectancy is about 11 – 12 years.

15.     Peruvian folklore states that since this breed is hairless, its body temperature is greater than most other dog breeds; therefore, if you let your pet “hug” you, you are helping him fight health disorders such as stomach pain and asthma.


With all these points, one fact that can sure be established is that the Peruvian Hairless Dog or the Peruvian Inca Orchid is one interesting dog breed. With its good nature and comparatively low maintenance, it surely is a great choice for pet lovers across the globe.