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Colours are known to have a deep, significant impact on the human psyche. If you’ve been feeling blue for quite some time, you automatically pick up the greys and browns in your wardrobe. Likewise, if you’re the happy chirpy bird on a brilliant sunny day, there might be the chances of spotting you in a bright yellow or orange outfit. But that’s not the point here.The point here is how the colour on the walls of your room can alter your mood and make your surroundings inviting or repelling. What can help you wake up cheerfully or leave you feeling glum and morose? What can keep you calm, elevate your mood or cause you to whisk and flare up at times.

The contribution of colours and their meaning cannot be undermined, for they can gradually yet greatly shape up your thoughts, thereby affecting your life and the people around you. Here are some ideas helping you know as to what you must pick from that wide range of hues you saw at your local guys paint shop.

  • Blue– Blue is an eternal favourite. No one’s ever out rightly rejected this colour. It stands for efficiency and radiates calm. The colour helps you de clutter, aids purified thinking and increasing your decision making power. Brilliant or darker shades of blue might risk appearing cold but are dynamic and express elation.
  • Yellow– This one epitomizes everything positive. A truly optimistic colour, yellow brings about happiness, contentment and brightness. It fuels one’s mental energy, stimulates thoughts and promotes communication. Paint the most visited room in your house in this hue, and welcome the constructive outcome.
  • Green– The colour green strikes a balance between health and harmony. Since this is the colour of nature, it can be used to rejuvenate oneself and bring in peace, stability and a sense of renewal. It is known to have a very soothing effect and causes physical and mental relaxation.
  • Red– Red celebrates passion, energy and enthusiasm. Particular shades of red can be very exciting, so the colour must be used with care and attention. It has the maximum personal association with people and forces action and achievement. The flush has also, from time to time, been associated with anger and aggression.

  • Orange– Youth, laughter, flamboyance and fun is what orange exudes. It is highly energetic, warm and maximises socialisation, lowers self consciousness and supports communication. Rust, peach and terra cotta colours from the orange family are also gaining immense popularity.
  • Purple– Purple is spiritual (voila, notice the rhyming). It helps you connect to your inner self, makes dealing with emotional issues easier and improves ones sense of compassion and humanity. The colour owns royal and mystic virtues and can be quite uplifting. Refrain from using a very dark shade of purple, for it can cause much unease and unrest in your behaviour. Young girls have taken a strong liking to the colour. It is touted as the next best to pink.
  • Pink– Pink is gentle, pink is kind and pink is soothing. The most feminine of all colours, it has been the first choice of young girls and women. The colour is tender to look at and aids during emotional ups and downs and transmissions. The soft and subtle pink is delicate, elusive and mysterious.
  • White– Pure. Tranquil. Peaceful. Innocent. Virtuous. Neutral. Do we need to list anymore? This colour goes perfectly well with everything, brings about new beginnings and ensures clarity in thoughts and feelings.
  • Gray– This provides a formal and reserved look to the interiors. The colour lacks charm and needs to be teamed with a bright hue to make it appear interesting and appealing. A room full of gray can cause depression, melancholy and feelings of negativity. Though this hue is ageless, it may bring about unsettling thoughts and ideas.

The above listed are the major colours that one generally chooses from. Darker and lighter shades of all these tones can be picked and painted on the walls of your house to brighten your mood, enliven your days and benefit your life! Get rid of the drab days now, there’s no chance colours can ever let you down.