Pack Light and Right for a Beach Holiday

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What’s on your mind while on a holiday? Dress right or feel right? Umm… Say a beach holiday! Am sure the latter has greater followers… after all, fashion too ultimately comes down to feel good. Lodging into your shack on the exquisite coast (did u just feel the euphoria?); you sure don’t want your luggage to occupy the larger part of your room than you do! Small and utilitarian luggage is not only easy to manage but it also says that you are not too conscious, just chic and confident!

Naah! you sure don’t wanna look like that, even if its LV.

So, now… let’s have a look at what to, how to and why to fit in one travel bag!

Garment Galore

While packing the clothes, keep in mind that wearing your lil summer party dress on a stroll along the beach is not wardrobe degrading but multitasking! Sheer fabric and cotton works great for the beaches and dries quickly. Pack your favorite shorts (preferably non denim), vibrant kaftans, bright lil summer dress and don’t forget a pair of cotton three fourths. Oh, did I forget to mention the multipurpose sarong? You can wear it on the beach, wrap it around swimsuit and explore the city or couple it with a bright tank for the brunch or cocktail hours! Here, the mantra is to pack less but pack enough to suit all probable occasions.


No beach holiday is complete without the thought of a sexy bikini. Well, the best part is they always cover a lil space… be it on your body or your bag! Take lots of bright colored bikinis and team them with sheer kaftans or vibrant sarongs! And ooh! See the temperature rising when you walk by…

Sarongs , hats and kaftans… oh so hot!


If you are the type who just can’t live without these chunky bits (well, I am), what can be better than a beach holiday! But girls, do not stuff all those bracelets and earrings as you might end up losing most of it (and I know the pain!) Keep accessories that can effortlessly match most of your outfits. 2 sets of earrings and some chunky trendy bracelets would do! See, am leaving some scope for you to pick some of the shells and stone jewelry from the streets! Another perfect beach accessory is a nice chic hat! You can wear a lovely straw hat which you bought on one of those vacations but never found a suitable occasion to wear. Oversized sunglasses and colorful scarves will give you a more holiday-ish look!


An oversized printed bag or a tote is endearing on a beach vacation. There are so many essentials you need to carry while exploring the city, visiting places or even while getting a suntan on the beach. A trendy beach tote is answer to all your questions. Now, you have your sun tan lotion, sunglasses, lip balm, moisturizer and salt sea scrub, all at one place so you can carelessly move around in the city! (Not as careless as to lose your bag somewhere…)

Jute and straw are just so right for the beach


Flip flops! Ditch your towering heels and go for the comfortable, sweet and trendy flip flops. They are not only cute and bright but also give you a chance to flaunt your pedicure… and of course easy to carry!

So, girls put some of your ideas and you have mine and be the wise, confident and gorgeous traveler! Happy packing!